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High Impact Wrestling: Believe (Cverse 2014)

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Some may call me crazy, some call me convoluted, hell some may call straight retarded. Every day during high school, I was eviscerated, I was rundown, and every day I had to go through everyone trying to kick me to the ground, just because I had different ambitions.


"You make our school look bad", Jack


"You'd be lucky if you got a guy, Jack"


"I'd pay my entire yearly salary just to rid you from existence, Jack"


By the end of grade 12 I'd had enough. Just because I didn't want to go to college or get a "real job", because I knew what I wanted. I wanted to run my own wrestling promotion. I don't care if I had to rely

on 20 year old rookies or 50 year old washed up has been part timers, I just wanted to know what it felt like. I had put my entire life's savings, my day job, my college fund, into this. $50,000. I had put everything I've ever worked for in my life into this. Nothing but a little indy company in the middle of Saskatchewan. All my life I've searched for something, and I won't walk away with nothing now.


My name is Jack Avatar, and this is my story.




(OOC: The Christian Faith diary fell apart, and I just wasn't feeling my other dyansties I created. So this is my new long-term plan. Please your feedback at any time and thank you for reading.)

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