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Starting a new Worker Picture Pack for TEW2020

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Hello. I've recently started to make some worker pics in preparation for TEW2020. I'm going to try to have worker pics from the 70s all the way to present day. I've got a few previews below to see if anyone likes the look and would be interested in more.








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TEW Pic Swape Background Kit


I remember one user of the forum posted a software to apply the background of the choice of the user in pic and I liked the software, by the way it was not very straight forward and this has been months.


A few weeks ago, I remembered that and thought of creating a kind of kit that I call 'TEW Pic Swape Background Kit'. As the name implies, he changes the pic background to the one you want, but to change a background you need to remove what you already have.

This kit consists of two different developer software:


PhotoScissors Protable - For easy background removal.

CardMaker_1.0.0.2 - To create cards.


Don't worry it is portable so it doesn't need installation. The saved CardMaker file is organized for easy use.


People - For People and Events logos as well as Broadcasting logo and Company


Belt - For Belts


And you must be wondering. But CardMaker is for making cards, what would be its use?


And I answer to apply the background in pic and export to image. easily.


And you must also be wondering could he use Photoshop.


Yes I could, but the reason is because I use Photoshop and I know it is heavy software that not every machine can handle in the least reasonable way, and my purpose for that is to make it easy for users.

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