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The New Big 3

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The New Big 3 is a mod I made using TheWho87's Current Day mod as a base, so credit too him.


This is my first mod so any pointers are appreciated.


Not since 2001 has the wrestling industry had more then one major company in North America, however, in 2019, things are about to change....


Billy Corgan, using underhanded business dealings has bought out IMPACT, retaining the lions share of its roster and the championship titles, he expected things to end there, building to a big unification event in the near future, however, following his buyout, a struggling RoH announced that it would be folding immediately following its next show. Corgan, acting fast, cobbled together what money he could and met with the Sinclairs, he negotiated a buyout of RoH, retaining the lions share of that roster as well as all of its titles. These new acquisitions caught the attention of a few silent investors and as a result the NWA has been infused with cash and is now the talk of the wrestling world, so much so that AJPW and CMLL have already secured working agreements with the NWA, branding it as the Trinity of Tradition, though not a full alliance and NWA is still eager to work with and elevate independent companies. AEW is riding high and the WWE continues to be the juggernaut it always was, so this then, is...






Notes: I've just merged the RoH and IMPACT rosters with NWA so you guys can keep and fire who you want, I've also kept the same deals they had with RoH and IMPACT, mostly PPAs, seeing it as Corgan "Honouring their deals." NWA is in non-aggression pacts with AEW and WWE and only has NWA Power as a show. I've added a couple of NWA guys that weren't in the database and added Austin Idols wrestling school as NWAs Dojo. A handful of guys didn't make it to NWA in the merger, as is the case with all mergers, not everyone makes it. I may continue working with this so that the guys left behind all get together in another company or something, but most of them had several other contracts anyway.


I was unsure about keeping the AAA guys and Konnan from IMPACT and a few guys on loan from Japan in RoH but figured I'd let you guys have the choice about what to do with them. I'm positive I've forgotten some NWA guys but I hope this is good enough, I've also not set up any PPVs for NWA leaving that for you.


Other then RoH and IMPACT I haven't touched any other companies.

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