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A new organization hit Canadian market

The local press from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and various observers from the world of MMA were called to a press conference by a person known to the amateur sports world of the region: Mike Beliveau. He announced the creation of a new mixed martial arts organization based in Hamilton. Their goal is to develop the sport in Canada, whereas the Quebec organization and former national leader TKO has had financial difficulties lately.

-Our goal is in no way to compete with large organizations such as the UFC or Bellator, at least not for now. We want to create a place for Canadian talent to be showcased. We will be very happy to welcome the best fighters that Canada can offer to show what can be done, said Beliveau to the journalists present. The Ontario native has announced that his organization will be called True North MMA, and that a first event is coming up soon. Ariel Helwani, who was there, found it disappointing that no fighter was present at this press conference. Beliveau, however, assured that another press conference would be presented soon with all the fighters who will be signed on the first map of the organization. However, Beliveau admitted that he would probably focus on only one weight category at the moment, in order to better introduce the others in the near future. The reporters noted that many Canadian Welterweight were currently free agents, and that this weight category made sense as the first of True North MMA. It will be interesting to see if this company will stand out, or if it will sink into oblivion quickly.

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Inaugural True North MMA roster revealed

Mike Beliveau once again invited the press to an important announcement for True North MMA. Indeed, Beliveau announced a roster of sixteen 170 pounds fighters that will be the first card in the history of the organization. This card is scheduled for December 31, 2019 at the Dave Andreychuck Mountain Arena in Hamilton. Not having a broadcasting contract, Beliveau announced that the fighting would be presented on the Internet. The owner of True North then introduced the reporters to the inaugural roster:

-Derek Boyle (13-11)

-Jason Saggo (12-4)

-Kajan Johnson (23-14-1)

-Mark Holst (12-6)

-Matt Dwyer (9-4)

-Michael Hill (9-4)

-Ryan Machan (23-9)

-Sabah Fadai (11-5-1)

-Alex Ricci (10-5)

-Colin Blaikie (2-2)

-Jesse Ronson (19-10)

Jonathan Meunier (8-1)

-Kurt Southern (14-7)

Mike Ricci (11-5)

Albert Chang (7-4)


Beliveau also announced an 8-man tournament who will eventually crown the first True North Champion. The first round of the tournament will happen at True North 1 : Red Alert live from Hamilton.

Beaulieu presented the brackets as follows :


Mike Ricci vs Sergey Juskevic

Jason Saggo vs Alex Ricci

Kajan Johnson vs Ryan Machan

Jonathan Meunier vs Jesse Ronson


Those bouts should provide a lot of action for the fans that'll be in the attendance and watching live on Facebook. 4 other fights were announced to take place at the event :


Matt Dwyer vs Kurt Southern

Derek Boyle vs Sabah Fadai

Mark Holst vs Michael Hill

Albert Chang vs Collin Blaikie

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True North 1 : Red Alert

Main Event : Welterweight Tournament Quarter Final (11-5) Mike Ricci vs (15-7-2) Sergey Juskevic

Co-main Event Superfight : (20-12-1) Sam Stout vs (7-1) Andrew McInnes

Welterweight Tournament Quarter Final (12-4) Jason Saggo vs (10-5) Alex Ricci

Welterweight Tournament Quarter Final (23-14-1) Kajan Johnson vs (23-9) Ryan Machan

Welterweight Tournament Quarter Final (8-1) Jonathan Meunier vs (19-10) Jesse Ronson

Welterweight Featured Bout (9-4) Matt Dwyer vs (14-7) Kurt Southern

Welterweight Featured Bout (13-11) Derek Boyle vs (11-5-1) Sabah Fadai

Welterweight Featured Bout (12-6) Mark Holst vs (9-4) Michael Hill

Welterweight Featured Bout (7-4) Albert Chang vs (2-2) Colin Blaikie


True North 1 : Red Alert Presser

30th December 2019, Hamilton Ontario Canada

It is a smiling Mike Beliveau who, seated with Mike Ricci, Sergey Juskevic, Sam Stout and Andrew McInnes, announced the final order of the first gala of his organization. The journalists present were surprised to learn the confrontation between Stout and McInnes, which according to Beliveau, would have materialized only at the last minute. So nine fights will be presented at the Dave Andreychuck Mountain Arena tomorrow night at New Year's Eve. Ricci and Juskevic had a very tense staredown in anticipation of their main fight tomorrow. Both McInnes and Stout mentioned wanting to face whoever would win the inaugural tournament, which should crown a first True North MMA champion in 2020. Beliveau also mentioned that he is looking for excellent amateur fighters so they can make their professional debut with his organization.

Everybody hitted their mark on the scale and the show must go on !


I don't mind if you want to post predictions ! I won't track them like other do in diaries, but this will encourage me and let me see who's following ! Thanks !

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True North 1 : Red Alert Results

Main Event : M.Ricci def S.Juskevic via R4 KO (Great) KOTN

Co-Main Superfight : S.Stout def A.McInnes via UD (Decent)

J.Saggo def A.Ricci via R3 SUB (Fantastic) FOTN

R.Machan def K.Johnson via R2 SUB (Great)

J.Ronson def J.Meunier via SD (Decent)

K.Southern def M.Dwyer via R1 TKO (Good)

D.Boyle def S.Fadai via R1 KO (Good)

M.Hill def M.Holst via R3 SUB (Great) SOTN

C.Baikie def A.Cheng via UD (Great)


Attendance : 699

Gate : 52K

Commercial : 54%

Critical : 83%


In an evening high in action, the first event in True North's history took place. On the financial side, the fight card was a success. Nearly 70% of the fights ended before the limit, with spectacular finishes. The Rear Naked Choke that Jason Saggo passed to Alex Ricci will certainly be in the highlights of the best submissions of the year. Mike Ricci's One Punch KO in the Main Event was another high point of the night. As a manner of facts, the semi-finals of the Welterweight tournament have been announced by Beliveau: Mike Ricci will face Jason Saggo in a classic Striker vs. Grappler bout. In the other semifinal, Ryan Machan, who made a good bid against Jesse Ronson, who fought a close fight versus Quebec's own Jonathan Meunier. The next event of the organization, True North 2: White Out, will take place in the first week of April. It will be interesting to see if other fighters will join True North by then. One thing is sure, there should be at least 7 fighters who will make their professional debut in MMA, including the promising Kickboxer Vayle Musel, who is a world junior champion in this discipline, and who should be on the main card.

Finally, Sam Stout announced that he wanted to see True North add a Lightweight category as soon as he is more comfortable at 155 than at 170lbs. If Beliveau decides to go in this direction in the future, it would not be surprising to see Stout participate in a possible tournament.

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