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Become a Pro Fighter: Project Mod

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Ladies and gentleman,


I would like to show you my new, not too big project. It's very simple.

I am not a supporter of renders fighters, which is why I propose to create my own list.

Mod will be a supplement (not its integral part) of Modern Warriors: GDS Forum Community Mod.

Everyone who wants will be able to implement it in the game.


The mod will be constructed in such a way that after each update(MW: GDSFCM), new fighters will join the game in the following months and years (depending on interest).

Getting to the point - Do you want to become a professional fighter?




I do not want to impose anything on anyone here, but maybe there will be a brave one who will start his career path (of course in virtual conditions;)). It would be great to see the members of this forum as a new fighters.

I don't want to regulate what is needed to create a new fighter. The more detail the better for potential. I think it will be fair.

The absolute minimum is:

- Name and surname (possibly nickname),

- age in which the fighter is to start his career (or possibly the exact date),

- Nationality, based in, home region, hometown,

- Personality and persona,

- Stance

- Fighting style

- Height

- Best weight (or name division) and walking weight


Skills and attributes

Rate your character from 1 to 6 (6 to world class):

Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, KB, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling, Kung Fu.

You can distribute 22 points


A photo must be attached (without any masks,no celebrities etc). One for "faces" and one for "bodies"


Applications for pm

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