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Multiplayer mod

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Hi, guys! This might not be considered an actual mod, but I have been looking into a way to create a work-around to the lack of multiplayer support.


I was wondering if anyone has tried out Join me, Zoom, or similar Screen sharing programs.


You host your screen, and other users can move your mouse (within the program you're using). I believe it's pretty safe, but maybe someone with more experience can add their two cents?


How would this work within a WMMA5 game? well I'd host, and a number of players would share the mouse and take turns within a local MP game. the downside is that you'd have to wait for everyone to take turns, and you'd be able to see every move a person makes.


viable? rubbish?

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Seriously, with the time I take to set up shows and how little actually happens most of the days of the week, I think WMMA is actually pretty poorly suited for multiplayer. It will be way worse than Civilization and HoMM combined.

I guess you're right. I tend to think of it more in the terms of Fotball Manager, or perhaps D&D than a COD Multiplayer session though.

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