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Eco Global Surviva Game!


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Hey all!


I would like to invite anyone and everyone to check out this game on steam! To give a brief discription, the game is called Eco because you have to build up the economy while maintaining the ecosystem. The game has won numerous awards in relation to environmental. On my US based server “Up In Da UP!” We have the the meteor set to 60 days. Meteor you ask? Starting from day 1, we must advance our technology and acquire supplies without damaging and destroying the ecosystem in order to stop the meteor.


Some fun stuff:

- run for office

- pass laws the can do just about anything such as limit amount of trees a player may chop per day

- use cool equipment in late game such as: excavators, tractors, chains, trucks!



Please check this awesome game out. If anyone decides to buy, please check out my service “Up In Da UP!” Based in midwestern United States.

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