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Caged Fighting Federation

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Caged Fighting Federation is borned !


Rocky Hunter was once a recognized man in the midst of illegal fighting. Long before Fight Club, men were present in fights in the various basements of bars in the United States and everywhere else. Martial arts was proof that combat sports were on the rise. With this in mind, Rocky Hunter decided in the late 1980s to create an organization in order to try to organize and create a new sport: The Caged Fighting Federation should take a leadership role in order to legitimize the sport of the mixed martial arts, a name that would be created until much later. When it first started, this organization wanted to know who was the most dangerous man on the planet! No rules. Three options: a KO, a Submission or a draw. 30 minutes locked in a cage in order to find a winner.

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https://imgbb.com/"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/y578qBR/cff-logo.png" alt="cff-logo" border="0"></a>

CFF1 : To Be the Best


The first Caged Fighting Federation event will be hold January 28th in Las Vegas. 8 fighters from various martial arts will compete in what will be the first MMA event ever.


The participants will be :

Greg Atteveldt, 5'10, 192 pounds, from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Bakin Sakamoto, 5'9, 172 pounds, from Kick Boxing

Manol Sirakov, 6'3, 260 pounds, from Slugging

Mac Fuller, 6'1, 196 pounds from Boxing

Lars Bohlin, 5'8, 154 pounds from Wrestling

George Laurent, 6'0, 210 pounds from Kung Fu

Brycen Hower, 5'9, 194 pounds, from Karate

Dokuohtei Kuroki, 6'0, 188 pounds from Japanese Jiu Jitsu


The brackets will look like this :



Semi-Finals 1

Semi-Finals 2


Atteveld vs Bohlin

Sakamoto vs Laurent

Sirakov vs Hower

Fuller vs Kuroki

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