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Discord Totem Pole Game :)


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Hi if you want to play a game that's like a forum game like mafia but is definitely not mafia and is closer to Big Brother or Survivor and also on Discord and not on a forum, then you're in luck! I'm hosting an org (online reality game) called Totemcaps based on YouTube show The Totem Pole (which you will not have to have seen to play or watch or anything). I only need three more people for a full cast and literally I have no idea where to look for new players anymore and I got back into TEW again recently (there goes my life again but that's ok) so I'm doing it here. It's a social and strategic game with competitions in it, it'll take place from anywhere between 2 weeks and a month (idk how long exactly yet just cause I haven't hosted this format before, but expect closer to the 2 weeks mark as a guess). Learn more about what the game is in the #format channel, sign up in the #sign-up-here channel, and ask me a thousand questions or just hang out and talk to people in #spec-lounge!



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