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Replacing Files

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I just put this on my new computer (Windows 10) and went through the install process. Everything is fine on that end. However, I downloaded a mod and went to replace the files. Nothing happened.


I'm the admin. When I drag & drop, cut & paste, etc. it will give me the option to overwrite. I chose yes. It goes through 100%, dialogue box disappears... nothing happens.


Clearly this is a Windows issue, but I couldn't find a resolution anywhere and it only happens with the BBCF folder. I can still drag & drop, move files, replace files everywhere else on the hard drive but not in the BBCF folder.


I even had to uninstall and reinstall the game because I tried deleting the files and dropping in the new ones. Not only did that not work, pstats and psetup would not restore from the recycle bin.


It's a very curious problem and I don't understand why it's happening. Any suggestions?

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