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Favorite C’Verse Wrestlers You Can’t/Don’t Hire

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Starting this thread because I’m curious to learn which C’Verse wrestlers are awesome in concept but never actually work out in game. I’ll start:


-Blockbuster: I love his render, I love his name but I can never bring myself to invest in this guy. He’s a monster heel with mediocre menace and he doesn’t have skills to compensate. He’s too big to use as a jobber and he’s not a guy you push into the high card.


-Tyrant: Awesome name, awesome render, awesome backstory, terrible worker. You have this special ops bad ass and he has terrible stats all around. No SQ, meh menace and already in his mid late 20’s. Shame


-Larry Wood: basically unhirabke because he’s too expensive for smaller promotions and too old/broken down for large companies. A kayfabe psycho killer that’s a real life genius-nice guy is such an awesome backstory. Too bad.


-Ekuma: Not necessarily unhirable but with all the upselling on his look and power, he’s a meh worker headed into his 30s. His bio makes him look like the Rock and Brian Cage had a baby but his stats are closer to a Mason Ryan and his SQ is meh for a guy with main event aspirations.


-Brimstone: Cool name, cool render, garbage worker.


-Big Magic: why is he even in the game? Cool Kimbo Slice shout out though


-Steel: If he’s going to take steroid, at least have a high SQ. Meh

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Lucas Danger: genuine sweetheart backstage, and while he'll never be a main event guy he could become a talented jobber like remmy honeyman with time and effort, the problem being his hard drug habbit makes him unsignable for any game I'm playing where I'm not deliberately trying to be scumbag backyard show. Otherwise he would be a regular jobber on my shows
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