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The DefaultVerse: 2003 (Release)

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A new era in MMA begins. An era of MMA becoming a world regulated and respected sport around the world. After a chaotic 2001, 2002 can be described by some as one of the best years in Mixed Martial Arts.


This is, The DefaultVerse: 2003



Lets take a look how each company has done in 2002.*



GAMMA: Matt Tripp begins the international expansion of the promotion as they advance far and wide. With International superstars in Rav Kapur and Helio taking the stage and new signings from as far away as Japan, GAMMA is the overall number 1 Promotion


ALPHA-1: The Alpha ship stayed steady this year. Hassan Fezzik and Jin Katou continue their reigns of terror. New champions like Heiji Endo begin there reigns. New prospects rise and new signings succeed. A very decent year by the company.


BCF: The British company had a good year with many champions rising up. Gregory O'Hara, Rob Baines, and David Webb all had great years as champions/becoming champion. Former champs like Tucker Plumm and Stafford Alois had comeback years. They lodged there spots as the number #3 company in the world


XCC: XCC had a weird yet alright year. All 3 of there champs lost the belt and 3 people no one suspected to become champ topped the year off as champs. A new TV Series started and XCC began on Sportstube to massive success. Sad news is that all there marketable talent aren't near the top.


WEFF: WEFF keeps up there small pocket in the world of mma, rising up as a new force more and more with each new event. Sarah Vaughan has become the number 1 star in the company and will probably retire soon as no one looks to stop her.


KDM FC: The Featherweight Division continues to be the main reason people watch the company as the stars become nationally known. They opened up there own Women's Bantamweight division which has had a great first champion. A very good year for the company


SIGMA: An alright year for the company. SIGMA lost a lot of there big stars this year as they try to rebuild. They begun a multi month Light Heavyweight Tournament as they look for a new champion. Fernando Amaro became champion among other major things in the companies year.


*I used the seven company system while doing this. So if you want to do one company then you are going to have to manually go over each company and leave each one to select the one you want to play as.




All you need to do is unzip the file, copy it, and paste it into your save files category.



Thank you for playing


Version 1.1 Of Data: http://www.mediafire.com/file/zpjwfs4d9c2tup2/DV2003Save.zip/file

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1.1 Update:


-Fixed a downloading and filing error. All you need to do is unzip the file, copy it, and paste it into your save files category.


When you get on you will be playing as all 7 companies. The only real way to fix this is doing it Manually on your own, by leaving 6 Players and playing who you want.


Thanks to Doc_Shelton on the discord for helping me fix this issue. It should be good to go. Thanks for all the support.

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I have begun production on the 2004 and 2005 mods. I've wanted to do this for a while now but, we need some new fighters. These fighters will be randomized but that's where you come in. Please give me fighter names for any country, gender, or division. Ill give more info as the next part of the mod comes out.
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