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SAMA: The Return of South America (A DefaultVerse 2003 Dynasty)

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An MMA company from Brazil, SAMA have ambitions to become the biggest fighting organisation in the world by tapping into the cultural heritage of BJJ and Muay Thai that permeates the country. Their rules are set up to reflect the country's fighting roots - they are as close to no holds barred as possible.









Light Heavyweight:













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Main Event: Adenor Togni 17-7 vs Paulo Roberto Bezerra 14-9 For the SAMA Lightweight Championship


Co Main: Light Heavyweight: Kleber Pereira 7-8 vs Ricardo Cunha 1-0


Welterweight: Fransico Lopez 1-0 vs Raniere De Lima 7-3


Light Heavyweight: Vinicius Dias 3-0 vs Yahya Castro 3-0


Heavyweight: Santiago Werdum 1-0 vs Julio Lima 1-0





Welterweight: Luiz Santos 1-0 vs Yahya Perez 1-0


Lightweight: Jose Werdum 2-0 vs Juan Drago 2-0


Lightweight: Roman Flores 1-0 vs Fernando Sousa 1-0


Welterweight: Leopoldo Carneiro 2-0 vs Franco Alves 1-0

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Results of SAMA 1





Franco Alves (2-0 1-0) beat Leopoldo Carneiro (2-1 0-1) by Unanimous Decision


Roman Flores (2-0 1-0) beat Fernando Sousa (1-1, 0-1) by Submission (Armbar) in 3:59 in Round 1


Juan Drago (3-0, 1-0) beat Jose Werdum (2-1 0-1) by Submission (Kneebar) in 3:53 in Round 1


Yahya Perez (2-0, 1-0) beat Luiz Santos (1-1, 0-1) by Submission (Arm Triangle) in 4:54 in Round 1



Main Card:


Julio Lima (2-0 1-0) beat Santiago Werdum (1-1 0-1) by submission (Arm Triangle) in 1:04 in Round 1


Yahya Castro (4-0, 1-0) beat Vinicius Dias (3-1 0-1) by Submission (Triangle with an Armbar) in 4:40 in Round 1


Fransico Lopez (2-0 1-0) beat Raniere De Lima (7-4, 0-1) by RNC in 4:43 in Round 1


Ricardo Cunha (2-0, 1-0) beat Kleber Pereira (7-9, 0-1) by Submission (Guillotine) in 4:06 in Round 1


Adenor Togni (18-7,1-0) beat Paulo Roberto Bezerra (14-10 0-1) by Submission in 9:05 in Round 2 for the SAMA Lightweight Championship





-The Main things learned here are the submission experts taking advantage here as a majority of most fights ended with a fighter tapping.


-Togni delivered here, becoming the first company champion


-Lots of prospects coming out here tonight. We will see how they do.

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