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New Bock City: AWA 1987

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Just posting the first show right now so I have something substantial to use to work on formatting.

AWA Championship Wrestling: Episode 1

Friday, Wk 1, March 1987


Pre-Show: The Midnight Rockers def. The Nasty Boys in a squash. The match suffered because Jerry Sags was high on drugs. Not a surprise, this happens a lot. Shawn was angry and I can't say that I blame him.

Pre-Show: Boris Zhukov def. Jake Milliman

Pre-Show: Cactus Jack def. Steve O

Pre-Show: Jerry Blackwell def. Mike Miller in a decent showing.


Rod Trongard and Lee Marshall welcome everyone to AWA Championship Wrestling and Paul E. Dangerously to the broadcast booth, he’ll be joining full time as a color commentator going forward. No word yet on what that means for The Midnight Express but Paul E. insists it won’t be a problem.


In a decent match Buddy Rose & Doug Somers def. The Top Guns, John Paul and Ricky Rice. After the match The Playboys & Sherri Martel hype up their match with The Midnight Rockers at this month’s Supercard.


Madusa Micelli def. Penny Mitchell with a German Suplex. An okay match that highlighted Madusa’s strengths. After the match Madusa tells Eric Bischoff that she wants Sherri to put her title on the line against her at the March Supercard.


In a quick squash Curt Hennig def. Bob Holly. Hennig really shone in this match and Bob Holly didn’t look half-bad for a jobber. He’s someone that’s worth looking into bringing in on a PPA deal. After the match Hennig gets on the mic. Bischoff asks him about Nick Bockwinkel.


Jimmy Snuka def. Rip Oliver in an alright match.


In This Corner: An interview segment hosted by Larry Zbyszko. Larry Legend interviews Nick Bockwinkel, wants him to address Curt Hennig's promo earlier about challenging him for the title. Bockwinkel says Hennig is a hell of a competitor, a great second generation wrestler like him. But he hasn’t earned a shot at the AWA Championship. He promises Larry Zbyszko that his opponent for this month's Supercard will be bigger, better, and more exciting than Curt Hennig. But he can’t tell you who it is just yet…


Back live in the arena Nick Bockwinkel def. Bulldog Bob Brown in a non-title match.

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