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CGC: Careful Where You Stick Your Johnson

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"Narrated by me, Nate Johnson"


There’s nepotism--then there’s creating a multi-million company to portray your four sons as play-pretend superheroes. That’s the story of “Gorgeous” George DeColt, the patriarch of the second most powerful family in Canadian wrestling.



"Ok, boomer."


In 2009, he decided to spend the last 7/8ths of his life withering away on a vacation cruise and left his company Canadian Golden Combat to his son Alex. Let’s just say Junior isn’t much of a boss.



"Not a people person."


To be fair, not every major CGC departure was due to Alex's lack of social skills. His brother Steve left because he didn't get to be booker. "Shooter" Sean Deeley quit despite being the only guy Alex put over. And as for me? Let's just say his brother Jack had a really attractive wife who has thing for bad boys like me.


After hot stuffing Marie, I was forced to move to America, where I had to learn what a healthcare premium was. I had no choice. If the DeColt clan found out I was in Canada, the Mounties would probably find my body in a ditch somewhere. Most people assumed my time wrestling in Canada, not to mention CGC, was over. But they'd be wrong...


Headline: CGC appoints Lucha Libre legend Not Johnson as new head booker


"Who knew all it took was faking a few references and buying a mask online?"


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