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Need help regarding buying TEW

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So I had the Trial version for quite some time now and finally decided to buy the game. I downloaded the free to retail upgrade but when I tried to run the game (as administrator) it didn't open. I tried multiple times but to no avail. Then I uninstalled it entirely and instead downloaded the full version. But when I tried running it tl purchase it, for some reasons it still won't open.
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Hey, from the Tech Support forum FAQ... hopefully this fixes your issue. :)


When I try to load the game I get: "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005). Click on OK to terminate application." OR I'm trying to run the game but it doesn't start, I just get an hourglass.


Disable your DEP (Data Execution Prevention):


1. Right-click on "My Computer"

2. Select "Properties"

3. Click on the "Advanced" Tab.

4. Click on the Performance "Settings" Button

5. Click on the "Data Execution Prevention" Tab

6. Verify that "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only" is selected. If it is not, select that option and click "APPLY" and then try and run the game. (Note: Even if you see that option checked already, go ahead and uncheck and then recheck it to ensure that its activated!)

7. If the problem persists, go back and select the other option "turn on DEP for all windows programs and services EXCEPT those I select" and ADD the following files:

"runservice.exe" Will be found in C:\Windows

"TEW2016.exe" Normally found in C:\Program Files\GDS\TEW2016

8. Click APPLY then Reboot and then relaunch the game.


"When I try to load the game I get the hour glass, but it only lasts a few seconds and nothing happens. The trial version runs without issue."


This is most likely because your license is being blocked; please see the answer above about changing your DEP settings. If that does not work you would need to contact Scott, as per the Elicense FAQ.

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