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Potential Streaming of WMMA5

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So WMMA5 is a game I love playing to this day. I just wrapped up a game that went nearly 25 years. I probably would have kept playing but I opened a new promotion and lost interest in it. Might pick it up again, but that's another story and a different topic.




I've often thought about using Twitch to stream WMMA5 but not just people watching my game. Rather, I'd be entering viewers in to the game through the regen'd fighters. Changing their name to whatever the viewer wanted, changing age to 18, and potential to 100. I figured those are some quick changes that can be made to give the viewer/fighter a long experience, and hope that maybe their fighter become a beast.


I don't expect thousands of viewers for this, appears very niche. But it would be interesting to me, and maybe some others. Just thought I'd come here for opinions/suggestions.

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