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From Nothing to Something

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I remember how it started.


"And stay out!"




CHIKARA opened in 2002, founded by Mike Quackenbush and "Reckless Youth" Tom Carter. It had been great, with elaborate storylines and top notch wrestling, plus the numerous tournaments that took place. Many considered it a hidden gem of indy wrestling.


But in 2012, Quack had an idea. A temporary shutdown thanks to a storyline. And many say CHIKARA never recovered.


I had followed them, tried to stay involved and knowledgeable despite being halfway across the country. And when I had finally turned 18 last year, I decided to take a huge risk and move to Philly so I could enroll in the Wrestle Factory. Sure, there were wrestling schools closer, but I figured the Wrestle Factory was the better choice. It was a direct line to a company, I could get work, seemed like a no brainer.


And in simple terms... no. Didn't happen that way.


I don't think Quack and I ever really got along. Maybe I was just frustrated with how long it was taking, maybe Quack didn't like how I acted during class. Maybe it's because I shouted "Shit!" during a show because someone opened a door in my face and it slipped out. Dude was obsessed with the family friendly atmosphere, and hearing that set him off. Spent twenty minutes yelling at me about it, and when Tony Deppen came to my defense, Quack threatened him.


It all came to a head in November 2019, during the Season 20 finale. I was working backstage, and made the "unforgivable sin" of being seen without my mask. Nevermind that I wasn't wrestling, someone simply shouted "Hey Cyclone!" and I looked without thinking. And boy, was Quack PISSED when he found out.


You'd think I exposed the business. He was shouting again, raising up a storm and going red in the face. Ashley Vox stuck up for me, and was told that she was done. And when Allie Kat questioned the move, she got the boot as well. That set me off.


"Listen up you 90s-obsessed sack of shit, don't you DARE take it out on others just because you're on an ego trip. You screwed this company back in 2012, and you've never recovered, so I don't see why you feel like you have the right to talk down to anybody."


Needless to say, I was fired. What a great way to start the new decade.


I reached out to Ashley and Allie as soon as I could, apologizing for getting them involved in the first place and getting fired. They both took it in stride, telling me that it wasn't my fault (kinda was) and that Quack was a dick (he was). Given that they had other gigs, they weren't sweating it too much. Meanwhile, I was trying to figure out my next move.


I was 19, barely in the industry for a year and already blackballed by my trainer. So I did the sensible thing, drank a lot of "root beer", and began applying for a job. Any job, anywhere. Think I sent a few to Japan and some UK companies, maybe one in Canada. If I heard that there was an opening, or a chance, I jumped on that and took it.


I wasn't gonna just quit. I needed to succeed, if only to spite that piece of crap. And I was gonna do it with the name Kid Cyclone, no matter what.

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The One Where We Get a Job


That's a nice start. So Quack will be having a guy dressed as a Gerbil come out in a Kid Cyclone mask next show CP MUNK style right?


Wouldn't put it past him lol. But we'll find out what happens with Kid Cyclone soon enough.



I'd sent out numerous applications, hoping and praying that someone would take a chance. I mean, this was wrestling. Taking a chance on a 19 year old shouldn't have been so difficult... unless that 19 year old had pissed off an important figure in professional wrestling. I couldn't find a job on the West Coast, and the rest of the indy scene wasn't as kind. AAW, EVOLVE, MLW, Innovate... even IWA: Mid South, and Ian Rotten is a known scumbag. Still, all politely declined, telling me that I needed more seasoning before I could join the roster. How I was supposed to get experience when no one would hire me was something they couldn't explain.


Still, I wasn't going to crumble. If anything, it made me more determined to succeed, even if I had to force my way into things. I briefly considered opening my own company, but that idea died. My reputation was already shot, there was no guarantee that people would sign on. And running a promotion at a young age was sure to drive me insane. No, I had to get signed somehow. It was just a matter of where.


Days passed. I started getting more and more desperate, wondering if I'd ever wrestle or if I'd been blackballed from the entire industry. The first week of January was spent constantly checking emails, hoping for good news and ignoring the bad. It looked pretty bad, until I got a message.


"This is Trent Seven with Fight Club Pro. I looked into your work, and I think we can do business together. Call me when you get a chance, yeah?"


I immediately grabbed my phone, punching in the numbers when another message came.


"This is Sebastian Suave, owner of SMASH Wrestling in Canada. Seen your work, and I like it. Give me a call and let's get you up here ASAP."


.... well, hm. This was a conundrum. Either go to Canada, or go to the UK.


Author's Note: So I want to make this somewhat interactive, hence the cliffhanger. I want to hear from everyone which company I should go for. I'll leave it open for about a day or so before going with the popular choice.
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Canada is closer but the UK is a better option for someone like Kid Cyclone - there are a few smaller companies and workers whose size and style will probably mesh well with him.


Enjoying it so far. If I was to make a suggestion use imgur or something similar and post one or two pics (especially one of Kid Cyclone). Graphics add colour and flavour to a diary and add a level of immersion. It's especially helpful to help people get a feeling of someone like Cyclone who most people have never seen



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