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Fire Emblem Mod DEMO

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So I was working on a Fire Emblem mod like a year ago. I posted a demo of it back then. It wasn't very popular. No worries, I get it's a very weird topic for a TEW mod. I'm considering if I should restart work on it.


To give you an idea of how the mod will work. It will be 4 maybe 5 companies. It will have games like Awakening, Shadow Dragon & popular fire emblem games. Each company will have it's own characters from that game. So far I've finished one company for the mod. With my DBZ mod released. I'm trying to decide if I should go towards working on adding Super/GT/DragonBall additions or start working on this. I "much like Zarbon" could go either way.




Here is the link to an early version of it. It's that one company that's finished. It's still needing work but give it a try. It will give you an idea of what the rest of the mod would be like. Plus I've considered adding this with the DBZ mod. Maybe lay the groundwork of my own eventual 9000verse!

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Silver lining about the corona/wu-han virus is the fact that I'm stuck in the house after work & not able to go to the gym anymore. So I've had time to start working on old projects again. I'd love to eventually make several franchises all wrapped into one database. I'm going to need to look around & see what franchises would be interesting to make into the TEW world. 2020 is going to be very fun to mess with & see how I can make the characters more unique with attributes.
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