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S-Cry-Ed, Inuyasha, Devil May Cry Mod hype!

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So I'm guessing my thing right now is making mods that literally nobody asks for! I'm announcing that a mod with S-Cry-Ed, InuYasha & Devil May Cry will be released! I know what you're asking yourself, "why would someone make a mod of S-Cry-Ed?" That's because S-Cry-Ed was one of my favorite anime's back when it used to come on Adult Swim. I love the idea of making a mod like 9000verse or Diabloverse. But with topics that weren't covered in those or were just small additions like how InuYasha & DMC were. I want to make fully fleshed out topics as well. Every major or minor character, or at least every character I can realistically find. Kind of like how my DBZ mod was. It's all building to an eventual 9000verse styled mod. But, I need to take it one step at a time. That way I don't overwhelm myself. So I decided to not work on the Fire Emblem mod until I can get these "smaller" mods finished.


Not to build too much hype, but I've also been throwing around the idea that once I've finished these. I will move on to a Final Fantasy mod. One with each game having it's own company. That would be like 15 or 16 companies! That' s a massive undertaking. So that one is definitely not happening anytime soon. It is on my wish list of things to do though!


Another thing that's on my wish list is doing a massive Pokemon mod. I've got the concept of how I want to do that already as well! That one would just be a beating from an execution standpoint.


I doubt anyone would be interested in joining me to help with these, but I'd love to team up with someone or multiple people. I usually do the most work on these mods on the weekend, but I'd love someone to help with either the InuYahsa mod or DMC mod. Technically the S-C-E mod is already finished. It just needs some balancing done on it.


Either way, I'll be working on the InuYasha mod next. Looked like around 350 characters. So it's technically bigger than the DBZ mod. However, it won't be nearly as much work. Most of the work of that mod were the unique picture pack & the timeline stuff.


I won't post another thing about mods until I have both the InuYasha & DMC mod's completed. So see you in like 3 months! I'm considering making a stand alone release of the S-Cry-Ed mod but It's really not a big company. Just like 25 characters & it's defiantly just a small thing you'd see in a 9000verse styled mod.

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