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C-Verse Real World Mash Up

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I feel like this is a therapists session or for those of a more religious persuasion, a confessional. I usually mix the Cornell universe and a real world mod. It always starts with wanting a real world mod--but being impatient and playing the C-Verse until a real one is released. Then I start a real one--but fall in love with some of the C-Verse workers hat I have used in the interim. I am all about the more the merrier. Dolph Ziggler became the star of SWF while Rey Mysterio headed USPW when I released them to the world. Does anyone else do this? I am by no means a modder, and I love those who do it. I have a sense of how it works only because I have, in the past, have had to import the C-Verse into a real world mod and copy/paste the whole C-verse and all of the title histories etc into a real world mod.
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