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Two UI suggestions

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<p>- it would save some clicking and be a lot more comfortable if it was possible to view the already discovered chemistries from the houseshow booking screen without having to go all the way out of houseshows (two clicks) into chemistry (one click) and all the way back again.</p><p> </p><p>

- unless I'm mistaken, the only way to release a worker is to go onto their roster page, click on the right arrow next to popularity to get to "contract details" and click "release" there. That hardly seems intuitive. I've been playing this series for 19 years and I've actually had to google how to fire someone.</p><p>

Within the boundaries of the existing user interface, I would suggest making it possible to end a contract from the "contract details" view. I'd also suggest replacing "negotiate" button on a worker's roster page by a "contract" button that allows access to said contract details view because only being able to open it by clicking on the time a worker has spent in his current company also isn't very intuitive (not to mention impossible for workers who are in the company for less than a year).</p>

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