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[HYPE] The New Wrestling World - An April 2002 Mod

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The early 21st century saw the wrestling world go through tumultuous change. Companies folded, new ones formed to take their place. Now as the dust has almost settled, every company now faces the difficult question of "What Next?"


In North America, Vince McMahon's WWF stood as the sole survivor of the Monday Night Wars, with both WCW and ECW lying at its feet. The bloated WWF Roster has now been split in half across its 2 flagship programs. Time will tell if this brand split is a practical idea. Outside of the WWF, the independent circuit is looking its most promising in a long time with promotions like CZW, ROH and ECWA. Furthermore, there are rumours circulating that a few notable names will be launching their own promotions in the not too distant future.


In Japan, the landscape has altered drastically in just 2 short years since Misawa led the mass exodus from All Japan to form NOAH. NOAH with almost all of AJPW's roster quickly established itself as a top tier wrestling brand. All Japan entered an unlikely working agreement with their long time rivals NJPW. Recently, this relationship came to an end with Keiji Mutoh sensationally jumping from NJPW to All Japan. New Japan's founder, Antonio Inoki, took this badly removing Riki Choshu as booker. Inoki's love of MMA has seeped into his wrestling company. This recently showed itself with Tadao Yasuda, a former midcard talent who has recently picked up some impressive MMA wins, who now finds himself the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. FMW's recent closure has been a big of blow to the Japanese independent scene but there are still plenty of companies such as Big Japan, Zero-1, Michinoku Pro and DDT.


In Europe and the UK, things aren't looking great. Several independent promotions exist but none on a national level. There is a lot of potential and talent coming through though. With the right exposure, there could be a real revival of the scene there.


In Oceania, the continent seems to have its first globally known promotion in the WWA. Made up of a mixture of WWE cast offs, WCW and ECW the WWF didn't sign and some promising young independent talent. The World Wrestling Allstars could develop into something interesting. If they can keep a hold of their stars.


This is a mod I have wanted to do since 2020 was announced and I've decided to take the plunge and go for it. This is entirely made from scratch in TEW 2020 with only myself working on the pic pack and the mod so it'll take a while to be fully completed.


Currently, I'm working on doing a bunch of research and trying to do pictures for everything. I'm using an organic style, with some more custom stuff in the logos for events and companies.

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