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Cverse Alt Mod

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So first I want to thank TheWho for this idea, as I am borrowing it from a mod he worked on for TEW 16. Basically this mod is going to feature all brand new promotions that are set to small size (still deciding on the pop) and all workers will start out unemployed with all their starting pops set to 20 all over the world.

All Workers will be available in all regions as well.

I found this fun to do in my own personal games on '16 so I wanted to do it again and release it just in case anybody else wanted to have fun with the mod like I do.

All companies will also start with the same exact starting money.



Company Estimates (current state)

USA - unsure (currently 5 companies + 2 full women companies)

Canada - 2-3 companies with one company having a women's division and maybe one full company (currently 1 company)

Mexico - 3 companies with one company having a women's division and maybe one full company (currently 3 companies)

UK - 3 companies with one company having a women's division + 1 women's company (currently 1 company and 1 women's company)

Europe - 3 companies (currently 3 companies, at least 1 will have a women's division)

Japan - 4 companies (currently 4 companies + 1 all women's company)

Oceania - 2-3 companies (currently 1 company with at least one company with a women's division)

India - unsure (currently no companies)


If anybody has any interest in contributing a company to the mod it would be greatly appreciated.


Company Info:


Logo (if available)

Owner/Booker: Can't be an active wrestler

Starting Location


If the company has stables, managers, women's wrestling, scripted/called in-ring.

A description if you want.

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Companies (none have their products set yet, while some of the names will make that easy, some are more subjective. If you have suggestions that would be appreciated. Also a lot of the locations are still subject to change.)


USA: (current product)

Battle Babes of Vegas - South West (Risque Adult)

New Steel Wrestling - Tri State (Hardcore Evolved)

Aerial Assualt Wrestling - South West (Fast and Furious)

East Coast Sports Entertainment - Mid Atlantic (may move to New England) (Episodic Entertainment)

World All-Star Wrestling - Mid West (may move to Mid Atlantic) (Wrestling Nerd Nirvana)

Lonestar Wrestling - Mid South (Hokey Southern Rasslin/Classic Wild West)

Miami Pro Wrestling - South East (Framily Friendly or PG Rated SPorts Entertainment)

Puerto Rican Paradise Wrestling - Puerto Rico (Puerto Rican Hardcore)

Women of Mass Destruction - Great Lakes (Classic Balance)

$4 Wrestling - New England or Mid Atlantic (No Style)

Brown Bear Pro Wrestling - North West (Modern Throwback)



Montreal Championship Wrestling - Quebec (Respect for Wrestling)

Canadian Wrestling Entertainment - Ontario (Classic Sports Entertainment)

White Bear Pro Wrestling - Alberta (may move) (Silver Age Pro Wrestling)


Mexico: (current product)

Guadalajara Lucha - Occidente (Lucha Libre Slobberknock - not sold on this product yet)

Grande Deportes De Mexico - unsure (Lucha Libre Entertainment)

Herencia De Mexico - unsure (Classic Lucha Libre)

New Horror Extreme Wrestling - unsure (Grindhouse Lucha)



Golden Goddess of the Ring - Northern England (Pseudo Sports)

Excaliber Wrestling Company - Southern England (Classic Sports Entertainment)

Full Metal Mayhem Hardcore Wrestling - Scotland or Ireland (Anti-Establishment Hardcore))



Ring Warriors - Central Europe (Catch Wrestling)

Legion Pro Wrestling - Mediterranean (Shoot Style Wrestling)

Lone Wolf Wrestling - Russia (Barroom Entertainment or Slobberknocker)

La Revolution Wrestling - Western Europe (Gory or Extreme Hardcore)


Japan: (current product)

All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling - Chuba (may move) (Fast and Furious)

Tiger Pro Wrestling - Kansia (Classic Mainstream Puro)

White Canvas Grappling - Kanto (Royal Puro)

Lucha Ryujin - unsure (Lucharesu)

Blood of the Samurai Hardcore Wrestling - unsure (deathmatch/hardcore)



Down Under Wrestling Society - unsure (Stoner Hardcore)

Sydney Pro Wrestling - New South Wales (Classic Sports Entertainment)



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I have a few ideas (based off logos that I have) on some starting alliances


Big Bear Inc. - Brown Bear Pro Wrestling and White Bear Pro Wrestling


International Blood Pact - New Horror Extreme Wrestling, La Revolution, Blood of the Samurai, and Full Metal Mayhem


International Wrestling League - an alliance focusing on a more MMA influenced type promotions - this one is a maybe


Women's Wrestling Counsel - 3 of the all-women wrestling companies


Pure Wrestling Coalition - an alliance focusing on, as the name suggests, pure wrestling

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Okay so the companies are decided on and the products are added, still not 100% sure on all the products just yet.


I will be adding an all women's promotion to Mexico just not sure the name or product I want to use.


The next step will be to decide the owner's for each promotion or if I am going to just leave them vacant and let the AI decide.


Lastly, I will be working on testing scheduling with each company.

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