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TPF is all lies!!! (56K Beware)


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[U][COLOR=Red][B]For a limted time only![/B][/COLOR][/U] Well, considering the release of Total Pro football was on Dec. 21, 2003 (yes, I am nine days late) I have decided to re-release the [B]"TPF does not exsist"[/B] post. For some history behind it you will have to search the TPF .400ss forums for the full meaning, however, originally this post was done as a joke. What had happend was that alot of people were waiting for the release of TPF, some were even speculating on whether TPF exsisted. So in return I decided to post a news report of what happend. Remember-this was created around the time the US destroyed Sadams' army. Hence the oh so famous Iraqi general. :)
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