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Just thought I would advertise the CFL in the Online Leagues board. We are the CFL, the sister league of the PFL (a TPF league). The CFL is a fun league, with a bunch of great guys as owners. It's a great place for experienced online multiplayer gamers or if you just want to try it online multiplayer for the first time. We allow you to coach a BCS conference team and a non BCS conference team if you wish. Rules, file, forums, etc... are all posted on our site. [url]www.onlinefootballleagues.com[/url] The CFL portion is on the right. Click on Coaches to see a list of available teams. If you are interested in joining the CFL, click "JOIN" at the top of the screen and you're app will be sent to me and then I'll get in contact with you and we can get you on your way to building your CFL dynasty! We are currently in week 12 of our first season, and recruiting (perhaps the funnest part of the game) is right around the corner, so it's a great time to join. We still have plenty of good teams available so visit our site and check us out. Thanks, Clint
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