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PCXW Hotter Than Hell results.

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August 5, 2006 Everett, Washington Today, at 8pm, the Pacific Northwest witnessed their hometown promotion host their first Pay Per View. PCXW's Hotter Than Hell! In what has been a much hyped event, the wrestlers more than delivered. Taking place in front of 5,526 rabid fans at the Everett Memorial Stadium, PCXW put on a show that is worth of PPV. [b]Dark match – Chris Chetti (v) vs. Larry Wood[/b] This match surprised a few people, especially for being a dark match. Wood, the crazy mountain man, was totally annihilated by newcomer, Chetti. After a mere 4 minutes in the ring, Chetti had Wood beat down, and after a swift kick to the gut…AMITYVILLE HORROR!! 1! 2! 3! And that’s it. Keep an eye out for Chetti, another impressive win like this and he may be a force to be reckoned with. [b]Dark match – Wifebeater (v) vs. Jerry Martin[/b] This is exactly what everyone expected. After sustaining a quadricep injury 2 months ago, Wifebeater stood poised to make a comeback. In a swift 5 minute match, Martin was overpowered, beat down and simply crushed under the insane Wifebeater. From his performance tonight, it’s plain to see his quad is just fine, as he delivered a top rope Chokenstein! 1! 2! 3! Match over. [b]Project Undead (v) vs. The Suicidals – Suicidals must win for title shot stipulation.[/b] The heated rivalry between these two teams was about to boil over before even getting in the ring. Backstage, Zeus Maxmillion ran into Flemmy Lemming and had a few choice words for him. If not for the interruption by the officials, the match may have started there. After breaking up the fight, the teams headed to the ring and in what was supposed to be standard tag match; it quickly degenerated into a tornado tag match. All 4 men in the ring at once! It was plain to see why Project Undead are the reigning PCXW Tandem Champions, because in this non-title match up, they were underhanded. They cheated. They double teamed. Everything a championship caliber team does. The match began with Maxmillion and Lemming taking the fight to the outside where they were both armed with chairs. Lemming swung at Maxmillion’s head and missed! Zeus quickly countered with a chair shot that didn’t miss, and a vicious implant DDT on the chair on the concrete laid Lemming out! Inside the ring, Air Attack Weasel and Mark Smart were proving why they’re also considered two of the best pure wrestlers in the organization. After a 4 minute display of chain wrestling, Smart had the upper hand and was about to hit AAW with a Bookmark, only to have it reversed into an inverse side Russian leg sweep! Oh no! Michelle, PUDs manager is in the ring! NUTCRACKER!! NUTCRACKER ON SMART!!! OH GAWD!! After that was hit, Maxmillion ascended the ropes to the top turnbuckle…oh no!! THUNDER BOLT!!! THUNDER BOLT FROM THE TOP ROPE!!! 1! 2! 3! It’s over! With that loss, the Suicidals are no longer the #1 Tandem contenders! We can bet The Dave will hear about this. [b]Wade Skurlock vs. Joey Poison (v) – PCXW Tap Out Championship[/b] After a stunning heel turn 2 weeks prior, “The Zealot” Wade Skurlock had been on a rampage trying to prove that he belongs in PCXW. He demanded that a submission title be created and that he be declared champion. The Dave agreed. After bestowing the Tap Out title to Skurlock, he offered open challenges at just about every show. And in less than 8 minutes each, he made his opponents tap out. All but one. Joey Poison. Poison forced Skurlock to tap out in a non-title match up a week before the PPV. Skurlock announced that the Tap Out title would be on the line at Hotter Than Hell, and he would defend it against Poison in a 30 minute Ultimate Submission match! As was expected, a very technical match ensued. Each wrestler focusing on the body part their submission holds would work best against. Skurlock took the early upper hand after a top rope hangman’s neckbreaker on Poison. He quickly applied the Blood of Christ, and Poison tapped out after only 9 minutes. The wrestlers were separated and the next fall began. Skurlock quickly went in for another pinfall with a vicious lariat to Poison. It was clear Poison’s neck was in bad shape, and Skurlock took advantage of it with a dragon sleeper…POISON REVERSED IT!!! Rear naked choke drop! Skurlock is down, and Poison quickly applied the Antidote Web in the center of the ring! With nowhere to go, Skurlock was forced to tap out! 18 minutes in, we had 1 to 1 pinfalls. The last pinfall wasn’t until the 29 minute mark. After 11 minutes of solid technical wrestling, Poison was knocked out of the ring and fell to the floor. Skurlock neglected to follow, and instead showboated for the crowd a bit, all the while Poison was getting a chair from under the ring! He climbed into the ring and WHAM! Guillotine DDT with the chair to Skurlock! ANTIDOTE WEB! ANTIDOTE WEB!! HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED! Joey Poison wins the PCXW Tap Out Championship with a mere 10 seconds to spare on the clock. [b]Kaos (v) vs. Brendon Idol – non-title match up[/b] A hardcore and purists dream match. The “Rock Superstar” Kaos and “The Teen Dream” Brendon Idol. The feud had gotten so hot, the fans wanted to see these two wrestle, even it wasn’t for the PCXW West Coast Championship. The match began with Idol taking the upper hand after a beautiful series of suplexes. It was plain to see he came prepared to wrestle. After a suplex over the top rope to the outside of the ring, fans were sure Idol would win. Kaos has a chair! OH NO! Chair shot to the head of Idol! He’s busted open! Now, Kaos was in his realm, outside the ring…hardcore wrestling. He took it to Idol like a man on a mission. Chair shots, DDTs on the concrete. The ref finally forced them back into the ring, but Kaos didn’t come alone…he brought a table. After a few kicks and punches to Idol, Kaos had him set up for the Stage Dive. REVERSAL! Idol reversed it into huge backdrop! Idol is on fire! A flurry of punches from Idol, only to be ended with a jab to the eye. Kaos quickly capitalized and hit a reverse DDT on Idol. He’s setting up the table…what is he doing!? He’s taking Idol to the top rope! Oh my god…TOP ROPE KAOSTRIFY THROUGH THE TABLE!! 1! 2! 3! [b]Ruben Collins vs. The Vish (v) – PCXW King of the Deathmatch Championship (INFERNO MATCH)[/b] In what has been the most violent, bloody and disgusting rivalry PCXW has ever seen, there can be only one. As many of our fans know, Ruben Collins had signed an exclusive written deal with NOTBPW. Effectively leaving PCXW behind, for greener pastures in Canada. That made this match all the better. Collins came out to the ring with the KotDM strap on his shoulder to a VERY loud chant of “Sell out ***hole! Sell out ***hole!” After tossing the title belt in the ring, he grabbed a mic and tore into the fans, telling them that each and every one of you would do the same. In the middle of his diatribe, The Vish’s music hit. Collins turned to face his opponent as he ran to the ring, but The Vish wasn’t coming in that way. He came in from behind Collins, and he has a chair! Oh my GOD! VICIOUS chair shot to the back of Collins’ head! After both wrestlers were in the ring, the officials set the ropes on fire for this inferno match! Since both of these men come from MMA backgrounds, no real action outside the ring was needed. Kicks, punches, strikes and submissions were the order of the day. That is until Collins attempted a Mexican Stretch submission. The Vish countered it into a Death Valley Driver…oh no, what is he doing. He’s walking to the ropes…OH GOD!! He delivered the DVD on Collins over the top rope!! HE’S ON FIRE!! HE’S ON FIRE!!!! The Vish simply kicks him out of the ring, collects the KotDM title belt and stands in the center of the blazing ring. After the fires were put out and Collins was declared alright, The Vish asked him to return to the ring. Collins climbed into the ring, beaten yet wary. The Vish threw the mic down, and extended his right hand. Collins slapped it away and gave the big man a hug instead. The crowd went ballistic. Such a great show of respect and honor by the wrestlers and fans alike. Ruben Collins will truly be missed in PCXW. [B]Jaiden Knight (v) vs. Joey Minnesota – PCXW Pure Championship (STEEL CELL MATCH)[/b] Two of the best wrestlers in the country, in front of 5000+ of the most rabid fans can only equal one thing. The best match of the year, bar none. This feud has been so hot; no ring can keep these two inside. Unless of course…that ring is surrounded by a steel cell. The match began with Minnesota and Knight exhibiting a chain of wrestling moves that had to be seen to be believed. After putting on a show for the fans, the real fireworks began. Knight, after hitting Minnesota with a clothesline that would have turned BLZ BUBB inside out, he picked Minnesota up and climbed the turnbuckle to the top. Spicolli Driver!!! 1! 2! …kick out! Knight then attempted an abdominal stretch, only to have it reversed into an implant DDT. Knight is laid out! Minnesota climbs the ropes…ASAI MOONSAULT! 1!! 2!!! …..kick out! They don’t get any closer than that. Minnesota then pulls Knight to his feet…wham! Discus Elbow to the face! Knight is on dream street! Minnesota takes Knight to the top rope…oh no, he’s got him up…EMPIRE SPIRAL!!! But Minnesota lands wrong and twists his leg! He can’t make the cover! Knight begins to climb out of the ring…he’s exiting the cell…oh no, he’s climbing up the cell. Minnesota is giving chase! Bad knee and all! Knight meets Minnesota at the top with a series of kicks and punches. A suplex on the top of the cell! Oh my god! Minnesota is in a bad way now. Knight kicks him in the gut…we all know what that means!! JUDGMENT DAY!! OH GOD!! MINNESOTA REVERSES IT!! He reversed the Judgment Day into a double underhook Tiger Suplex! How did he do that?! Knight is hurt. Minnesota gives the crowd the sign! This one is over folks! He picks Knight up…he’s got him vertical…here it comes, EMPIRE SPIRAL!! NO!!! NO!!!! Knight reverses it! ...oh my GOD! JUDGMENT DAY! JUDGMENT DAY THROUGH THE CELL TO THE RING! How are these men alive?! By virtue of landing on top of Minnesota, Knight has him covered….the ref is stunned. COUNT IT REF!!! 1!!! 2!!! 3!!!! Knight wins the Pure title in a match from hell!
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