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Hi, I just purchased the game today and although I haven't had much time to play it yet, I think it's great. I heard about it through the gamespy review, and had to get it. I hope it goes really well for you and sells a lot of copies. My only suggestion so far would be that when choosing moves for your character, there could be a few template movesets (one for a high flyer, one for Mixed Martial arts type Wrestler, etc.) Players could then personalise them by dropping and adding moves, but they would be a good base to start from. Looking forward to playing more of the game. Best Wishes, ANW. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- See my latest short story - "A Life in Art" at [URL]http://www.shadowedrealms.com.au[/URL] click on 'back issue' and then 'A Life In Art' by Adam Wieland -----------------------------------------------------------------------
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