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The Fall of the WWF


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This is my first WreSpi scenario, and I got the idea from another scenario that was made but hasn't been released. ========================================================== [i]I haven't written up a backstory or anything but this is the main idea.[/i] After buying out WCW and ECW, the WWF invested so much money into the InVasion. But...the InVasion was a giant flop. WCW and ECW wrestlers were jobbing emensly to the WWF wrestlers, and the creative team was the worst it ever was, by giving wrestlers the most rideculous gimmicks and storylines. The WWF was in a deep hole of debt, so much debt, they were forced to close it's doors! Now indy promotions, and the newly formed NWA: Total Non-Stop Action are trying to gain the top spot of the wrestling industry! [b]The Scenario is started on July 2002[/b] [b]=Confirmed Promotions=[/b] Combat Zone Wrestling NWA: Total Non-Stop Action Ring of Honor X Wrestling Federation Xtreme Pro Wrestling I'm am currently half way through with the CZW roster...
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