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TNA INC. Presents: Ring Of Honor

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The office was cramped and small and could barely fit the 5 people that were sitting inside of it. On one side sat the owners of Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett and on the other side sat the owners of Ring Of Honor Gabe Sapolsky and Cary Silkin. At the front of the table the man who helped shape wrestling throughout the 90’s and into early 2000, Robert Nigro. Robert bought the WWF in the early 90’s when Vince McMahon had a heart attack and could not perform his duties any longer. Robert helped change the face of wrestling when he began the shift from large, cartoon-like characters to actual talented in-ring workers. He also mended many broken ties that McMahon had severed and was actually on friendly terms with ECW owner Paul Heyman. However in late 1999, Vince McMahon was tired of Nigro’s friendly ways, and had ideas of his own. Nigro had unknowingly breached the contract that was made out with McMahon, and Vince was quick to swoop in and forcefully take back the World Wrestling Federation. The rest, as they say, is history. The WWF was forced to become the WWE, WCW and ECW folded and were bought by Vince McMahon, and in 2006 ECW re-emerged, but under the banner of the WWE. “So that’s my proposal ladies and gentlemen. I’ve already spoken to the right people at Spike and I have a 2-Hour show lined up if our negotiations go threw.” Robert leaned back and crossed his arms; waiting for the answer he hoped would come. Jeff was the first to speak. “So let me get this strait Rob, you want to buy TNA and ROH?” “Not only that Jeff,” Roberts said, “but I want combine them to create the ultimate wrestling experience not yet seen here in the United States. The wrestling fans are starving for something different, and yes Jeff, Dixie, you both have started down that path but their needs to be something more. More money behind the product, more time on TV, and more talent put in front of the screen.” Gabe Sapolsky was the next to speak up. “So why do you need us Robert? Why don’t you just buy TNA and put your money behind it?” “That’s simple Gabe,” Rob answered, “you guys have some of the greatest talent in the United States today but you are limited in who gets to see that talent. You have such a hardcore fan base but they don’t get to see everything that happens because you are always touring. The only way they get to see what is happening is by buying the DVD’s. What I want to do is deliver that action to the world.” Roberts stands up and addresses all four people. “Listen guys, what I have proposed will put us in direct competition with the WWE and will finally give wrestling fans a true alternative to the same crap we have been getting since WCW folded. No longer will everybody have to sit through this shame of 3 different company’s called Raw, Smackdown and the farce that is the new ECW. Now they will have something they can look to when they hate what they are watching. We have the opportunity to change the face of wrestling once again right here and now. So, what do you say?”
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