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Slobber-Knocker Sandbox Mod


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Been working on a new mod in the past week. Seems like few to no WS3 mods from the past are still available at this point. 

SKS Mod is fantasy/real world mix. It has a small handful of real world promotions with, at this point, 3 fictional ones.



Realistically, some kind of release version should be completed prior to black Friday. Forum activity shows a black Friday sale every year for the past few years, so when BF hits this year, I'll be getting a couple other games from the catalog and will likely shelf this project. I see several topics of ambitious mods that were planned/started and disappeared. So being a new player just discovering the game, that left me with not much to play with. Win lose or draw, something will come out before black Friday. 


I have been keeping a dev log in a READ ME txt file that will be packaged with the mod. I have added a copy of that here for detailed development notes.

All data and pictures used in the Slobber Knocker Sandbox mod is open and available for anyone to use in thier mods. This mod is completely free to enjoy and use anyway you like.



Version 1.0.000 Available now:




SKSMod_Read Me!.txt

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Version 1.0.000 Release & Dev Notes Updates
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