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You're the man now, dog!

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I'm making a mod for WS2 that is a real world mod, but has an additional fed called You're The Man Now, Dog! (YTMND for short) It is obviously based on the website [url]www.ytmnd.com[/url], and features subjects of YTMND fads as workers. If anybody could, I'd like KyKy pics for the following: Sean Connery Eric Bauman Dennis Nedry Capt. Picard KHAN! Milton Waddams Darth Vader Conan O'Brien Will Ferrell Chris Kattan Jim Carrey Sonic the Hedgehog Batman N64 Kid The N!gga (from the famous "N!gga stole my bike!" YTMND) Brian Peppers Lindsay Lohan The Time Traveler (Safety Not Guaranteed) Bill Cosby Medieval Guy An emo kid tag team Josh Ballard (the MySpace Suicide guy) George W. Bush Kanye West The Snowy Owl (O RLY?) Muhammad Hassan If anyone here can do any of these, I'd appreciate it.
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