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Masters of the Arena (C-verse diary)

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Independant booker Brad Rach had an idea. He had worked the independant scene for some time now, booking occasional shows for promotions. This helped him curve his boredom as it was always different people, different venues, and different styles. But he was getting bored again. Brad got his start when he was in high school. He was hired as an intern for the Hollyweird Grappling Company. Brad was never given a paying job when Tommy Cornel took over the promotion and turned it into Total Championship Wrestling, so Brad went to his life on the indies. He took alot of enjoyment from his job but he had an idea that he had wanted to put into effect. A yearly tournament... no three yearly tournaments. The Best the independants had to offer for Men's, Tag Team, and Women's divisions. Brad's dream came to reality when he approched J.K. Stallings. Stallings gave Brad his first job and now he came through for him again. Stallings would work as a financial backer with creative input, but from there his level of involvement was his own choice. He could be as inside or out of the stress as he wanted. Stallings agreed, much to Brad's delight, and Brad set to work on his Promotion. The Masters of the Arena. A touring promotion that would run every year, three tournaments. It would utilize the best of independant promotions and would provide good quality wrestling, and nothing more. [IMG]http://www.frozenzero.net/Dynasty/mota.jpg[/IMG]
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