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Super Smash Bros mod (WIP)

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Alright, this has been gnawing at me, and I had to start making this. In fact, I'm very serious to make this a thing I've changed my Avatar, never have I ever done that. lol

Anyway, my releasing of this mod as the games releases were, with adding more fighters, locations, and the like. 


Original Post: Hey peeps, so recently, I've been getting into Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently, and I had a thought about, why hasn't this game been added to Comic Book Universe? Especially Ultimate where "Everyone is here" and a game like CBU also fits that mold. So, I'mma do it. And, I'm also willing to accept any potential assistance that may want to take part in this adventure. I think this could be pretty dang fun and anybody who might have some ideas to bring to the table, please shoot a DM to me and hopefully we can work some things out.

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  • FellaLibby changed the title to Super Smash Bros mod (WIP)

Here's some brief glimpse of what I'll have as our characters.

Super Smash Bros 64

        Mario                                                Donkey Kong                                     Link                                        Kirby                                                    Yoshi

Super_Mario.jpg Donkey_Kong.jpg Link.jpg Kirby.jpg Yoshi.jpg 

      Fox                                                  Samus                                               Dark Samus                                     Pikachu                                     Captain Falcon

Fox_McCloud.jpg Samus.jpg Dark_Samus.jpg Pikachu.jpg Captain_Falcon.jpg 

        Luigi                                                Ness                                           Jigglypuff

Luigi.jpg Ness.jpg Jigglypuff.jpg 

       Master Hand                                    Crazy Hand                                 Fighting Polygons

Master_Hand.jpg Crazy_Hand.jpg Fighting_Polygons.jpg

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Alright to start with this whole thing, I'm starting with define heroes, villains, plenty of anti-heroes and wildcards.


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Link, Ness


Dark Samus Giant DK, Metal Mario, Fighting Polygons, Master Hand, Crazy Hand


Kirby, Samus, Fox, Captain Falcon


Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Jigglypuff


Now obviously, this list will get bigger as I move on to the later Smash games, and yes I'm aware Crazy Hand didn't debut until Melee, but an extra villain wouldn't hurt in the early stages. Anyway, you could be asking why the Anti-Heroes and Wildcards are who they are. Well, Samus and Falcon are both bounty hunters and while they are generally fighting on the side for good, they in reality have no real relation with any of the cast (sans Samus with Ridley later in Smash 4 and her Dark self). Fox, and Star Fox as a team are mercenaries, and loyal to themselves and their employer. And Kirby? Well, Kirby is a menace and eats damn near everything! But he's a pretty cool pink guy, huh? He's no villain, but in my opinion, he's not a hero.

The Wildcards are indeed animals, and pocket monsters. Sure, Pikachu is a hero to the TV show, or our favorite Pokemon game, but Smash's Pikachu and Jigglypuff are completely neutral and only loyal to themselves, as normal Pokemon are until they're caught. DK is different though, as we are aware he's generally friendly to Mario and friends, and that will remain true. But DK doesn't take kindly to those he doesn't know or care for. FOR THEY MAY STEAL HIS BANANA'S! 

What do you guys think? Feedback is plenty welcome.

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2 hours ago, MidKnightDreary said:

DK was a villain in his first appearance

Yes, but in canon that I'm going with, DK isn't a real villain but not a hero neither. This is because in games that happened during Smash 64, he was having good ol time with Mario and friends. Effectively, I'm naming the Wildcard DK as DK Jr, and (when made) Cranky Kong as a civilian, but Mario will be his nemesis, as *he* is the original DK.

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3 minutes ago, Zombie Bob-omb said:

Yeah but if we are going by when the time was made, wouldn't this Donkey Kong be the son of DK Jr who was the son of Cranky Kong?

This is why I like communication, and proof read with this lol. Yes, that is what I'm trying to emulate here.

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