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WWF 94: New Blood Rising

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Wrestling Newsletter
Week 4 June 1994

Vince McMahon, owner of the World Wrestling Federation, has been found guilty of dealing steroids to his roster and will spend a significant time behind bars. Despite owning the company, McMahon was known to fans as one of the announcers for the WWF for the last ten plus years. His 24-year-old son Shane McMahon will be replacing Vince as the CEO of the company. Shane's first show in charge will be the first Raw of July. 

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Taking longer than I expected to fine tune attributes. I converted Hive's amazing 1994 mod for this diary, but the converter makes some weird choices when assigning attributes. Going through my entire roster and setting them up with what I think they should have before running the first show again. Ran it once, but missed a few things when setting the gameworld up for the story. 

Few notes:

Shane McMahon is my User Character and is CEO and Head booker. Vince has a 3 year(max) scandal and is in jail for 100 weeks. The goal is to play the game long enough that Vince re-enters the gameworld and I'd add a second player to play as Vince. I'm using the Three Ring Circus product, but that's just to suit my booking style of appreciating most styles of wrestling. I'm not saying it's all good, but I imagine Shane wants to focus more on in ring ability, but still allow for larger than life characters and Three Ring Circus has all the right plusses and minuses for me. The majority of this diary will be in kayfabe. As for the title, New Blood doesn't strictly mean young talent, just new faces in general. Other goals I have are to build the best tag division in the world and build the prestige of the Women's title. I made the Women's title floating and one of my long term goals is to main event a ppv with the Women's title. Looking at the popularity of the women available, it's gonna be awhile. 

If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer anything that doesn't involve spoilers. I will try to do a prediction contest that runs from July Week 1 to August Week 4(SummerSlam) and hopefully have a suitable prize for the winner. 

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