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New Broadcaster Requirement

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I think it'd be a fun mechanic that makes a lot of sense if certain broadcasters require that you have a wrestler (or a certain number of wrestlers) that meet certain popularity requirements for their home region. I think this better represents real life, where particularly a mainstream network will be more willing to discuss terms if the company has a big crossover star, but also for expanding into new regions. If you're a UK company and you want that broadcasting deal with that juicy-looking European network, are you willing to wait to build up the popularity of one of your current stars over there with your current small visibility, or do you poach a big name who may not be known to your core British audience but will appeal to European fans/broadcasters?


I know for the C-Verse it may not be as important because there are quite a few globe-spanning broadcasters and thus quite a few globe-spanning stars, but in a database where the networks are more regional it would give an extra wrinkle to overseas expansion. Within a single game area, for a Medium-size fed trying to establish itself on the national stage, it could also make splashing the cash on that aging star with the dodgy knees turn from a bad financial decision to a necessity for expansion.


If you wanted to really push it you could have broadcasters that have a figurehead requirement, an established figurehead with at least x amount of popularity in a region. This would make the figurehead mechanic more important to strategy, but I think the year-long requirement would probably be too long to wait if you were doing it with the sole intention of getting a broadcast deal. Maybe a soft figurehead requirement, where the figurehead is x popular OR you have y amount of stars over x popularity.

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