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More consequential "game changer" events

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I've noticed too often that these company scandals and events are just "drop prestige/a chunk of money, done" rather than behaving like events that affect the future. Here's a few ideas:

  • In general: If the scandal is particularly bad, reduced attendance due to boycotts should be possible, as well as drops to Merchandise income (because parents don't want their kids to watch wrong'uns).
  • Bullying/sex scandal: If someone leaves the company shortly after the scandal breaks, the public could wrongly believe that that worker was responsible for the scandalous behaviour, causing a hit to their pop and a serious hit to their Reputation.
  • Drug whistleblower: If a worker with the company is caught with drugs within about a month after the whistleblowing, decrease prestige even more and give a chance for broadcasters to pull their deals. If a worker with the company OD's within that time, have all broadcasters pull their deals in a similar way to the Mafia scandal (because the whistleblower has been proven right in the public eye). If the whistleblower is released in that time, this could cause even more backlash (for example, reduced attendance from boycotts, above).
  • Financial mismanagement: This should be not just a drop in finances, but also a loss of part of income in the future. I've seen companies just shrug off a financial scandal because they're profitable anyway.
  • Mafia scandal: Keep as is, it's about as much of a death sentence as it should be.
  • Rich fan's donation: The only positive event is the one that annoys me the most. Whenever this happens, companies just go on exactly as they were and lose about 90% of it to taxes over the next three months. I think the company that gets the donation should always try to reinvest it automatically, for example in a broadcaster of their own or a training facility. (I personally go into the company that got the donation as a P2 and do this myself, because TEW should make sense to some extent)

Also, more variety might be nice? I'm not asking you to bring back the shakeitup plane crashes, because yeah that's a bit morbid, but more types of scandal can happen. Maybe variations of the existing scandals that directly implicate a worker in the wrongdoing, forcing you to fire them to save face?

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