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New Training Backgrounds for Generated Workers

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I do find it a bit weird that with the dojo system the generated workers are divided into 'graduates' and 'spawned from nowhere'. I would like it if generated wrestlers had a 'training profile' or something like that when they spawned in. My suggestion would be 'Self-Taught' (pretty obvious), 'Privately Trained' (for most workers, went through a not noteworthy dojo or a training camp or something like that) and 'Privately Tutored' (obtained personal, one-on-one training somewhere, would be the rarest). This could even then be reflected in the quality of some of the skills they spawn in with. I think it would help round out some of the immersion with the generated wrestlers. I think for all but the 'Privately Tutored' they would be considered to be less refined than the bog standard dojo graduate.

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