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I finally summoned the motivation to adapt my usual custom skin to WMMA5.😅 Hope you guys enjoy it! This time around you have multiple color options (13) from the start. I'm also open to ideas for additional colors, though it could be a good while before I make any more. Gonna take some time to just relax and play the game again.

PLEASE let me know if you notice any mistakes. It's always important to me to fix them as soon as possible.

On a personal note, if this really is the last WMMA game, and the last MMA-based game from Adam, then this is probably my last skin for a GDS game, as I don't play TEW enough to warrant all of the effort it takes to make a skin, even with an established art style like this. Gratefully steesh07 took the initiative for TEW2020, and I'll be happy to supply the old PSD files to him again if needed (or anyone else) for future TEW releases, assuming I don't lose them somehow.

During the process of making this I did consider making a spinoff version with a different background design to replace the usual dirty wall/stripes. Might give that a try sometime, since it wouldn't take as long as starting from scratch, but otherwise this is probably a wrap for me and my custom GDS game skins, so I just wanted to express that I'm hugely grateful for Adam and all of the work he's put into this series, and for everyone who contributes and takes part in this community (here and on the TEW sections), and it has been a huge pleasure to pitch in where I can. Much love to you❤️ I'll still be around though, and probably posting logos and TEW alts here and there or something. I don't think I could entirely leave at this point even if I wanted to. Anyway...





Download All
557 MB (849 MB when unzipped)
(Someone who knows better could probably tell me that the images could be downgraded a lot and look exactly the same, and then I'd gladly batch edit and make them smaller. Until I know better, I won't😅)

Green 1Green 2Green 3
GreyOrange 1Orange 2
PinkPurple 1Purple 2

NOTE: The yellow version uses red to highlight the New Decisions and New Mail icons. There are alternate blue versions in the same folder, if you prefer.

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On 9/17/2023 at 10:55 AM, BrotherHec said:

Dude, I just downloaded this and I really like it. Thank you so much! 


On 9/19/2023 at 3:02 AM, feltzz said:

Great skins, very nice and clear! Thank you! Now I play only on them 😄

Thank you both. Took me too long to get around to remaking the skin for WMMA5, only because it's such a tedious process, but I'm glad I did. It'll always be one of my favorite game series, and it's a massively underrated one. I'm very very grateful to contribute.

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On 12/4/2023 at 8:32 PM, Gepetto said:

Oh these are very nice skins, thankyou so much, really freshens up the game! ❤️ 

Glad you like them! 🙂 It's a labor of love. This series and the community around it have brought me a lot of joy over the years.

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