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Runtime error 481: Invalid picture

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Hello guys,

While playing the game, I got the error code "Runtime error 481: Invalid picture" and it shut down the game immediately.

When I am trying to load my save again, the error code keeps on appearing and the game keeps on shutting down.

Did anybody face this problem before? If so, how did you guys fix it?

Thank you in advance!

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It means you have a corrupt picture (likely in the picture pack you're using as there's at least one pack floating around that has a bad image in it), you would simply have to remove it. If you can't figure out from context which file it is (e.g. if it always happens when you're looking at the roster for company X then it's likely either their logo or the character alphabetically first on their roster), the easiest way is to replace your picture pack with a freshly downloaded version. Alternatively you can remove all your logos and worker pictures and then re-add them in batches - by seeing which batch causes the error you can then work out which picture file is the problem that way.

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