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Championship Wrestling From Boston - A new direction is needed

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Championship Wrestling From Boston

Peter Lanahan | Gene Plumelli
Peter Lanahan is the new Head Booker of Championship Wrestling from Boston | Monday, Week 1, January 1977

The partnership between Peter Lanahan and Gene Plumelli is undeniable. They were once tag team partners and Peter Lanahan always stood to the side of Gene Plumelli. Gene was the first promoter that organized a territory into a full-time promotion with consistent TV shows. They were once popular but age takes its toll on Gene Plumelli who know passes the creative reign to Peter Lanahan and focus his attention on other aspects of the promotion while still having it's say in the creative team. This isn't much of a shake-up for the time being but plans are being made to recover the greateness of CWB.

For those who are unaware, Championship Wrestling From Boston or CWB for short, was the first consistent promotion being formed in the wrestling world and hosted some of the greatest stars of the 60's, but with the opening of SWF in the 70's everything changed. SWF ransacked most of the territory from CWB and their stars and is currently the biggest company in the world, CWB, is not in a good position to be in, as it competes directly with SWF in their home territory but still holds the some of the Boston market with their Golden Age product.

The roster is very unbalanced at the moment with only two Major Stars by the name of Wild Man Sullivan, a psychopath heavyweight brawler who isn't afraid of anything and the fan favourite The Boston Bomber.

With a very big decision to be taken this Monday on the next CWB televised event, where in cause is the move that injured The Boston Bomber in a Cage Match a non-allowed inverted Piledriver by Wild Man Sullivan which led to the win of the promotion most prestigious title, the Boston Heavyweight title. Peter Lanahan might play a crucial role on the decision of Gene Plumelli, who may or may not strip the title from Wild Man Sullivan, the feud between the two major stars dates back as 1975 and for two years they have been disputing the Boston Heavyweight title but the feud is reaching its boiling point and there are many questions arising around the future of CWB.

On the ranks are The Masked Patriot, 10 Punch Buck Winslow, Corporal Doom, Identity Black, but they still need a lot to reach the legendary status that the main-event of CWB requires. SWF continues to snatch talent from all companies and CWB might not be an exception in the near future, so the necessity for new stars is even more urgent because we never know who might be the next big SWF hiring but CWB isn't backing down from a fight and certainly aren't in it to lose it.

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The Boston Bomber | Wild Man Sullivan

.: STARS :.
10 Punch Buck Winslow | Corporal Doom | Identity Black | The Masked Patriot

Big Ted Muchnick | Edward Monroe | Flapjack Flanagan | Othello Dawson | Warren Young

Damon Carruthers | The Stomper

Bobby Linquist | Cueball Clayton | Ed Monix | Elton Rando | Kenny O'Quinn

Robert Warsteiner | Rocco The Plumber | Rod Beams | Wayne DeSota

Louis Williams | Artie Goldstein

Joe Baught | Sam Matysik

Colin Jameson | Vernon Wales

Gene Plumelli | Peter Lanahan | Richard Seltzer

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | TV-Show | Monday, Wk 1, January 1977

in front of 1391 people in Hampton Beach Ballroom (New England) - SOLD OUT

Overall Rating: 59

1) 10 Punch Buck Winslow opens the show hyping the main-event bout vs. Identity Black, he said that Identity Black is nothing more than a coward for hiding his identity and tonight he will deliver his 10 punches to prove he his right. | RATED 67

2) Rod Beams and Rocco the Plumber the Working Men, came out and taunted the crowd, they said they are the Working Men unlike everyone in the audience who are spending dollars to watch a wrestling show, they should be working and instead are being entertained, the crowd was very hostile but the promo was interrupted by The Stomper and Bobby Linquist who challenged them for a match. | RATED 33

3) The Working Men defeated Bobby Linquist & The Stomper after cheating during the match and in the final pinfall when Rod Beams used the ropes for leverage for the final pinfall over Bobby Linquist. | RATED 39

4) Big Ted Muchnick came to the ring and issued an open challenge offering 500$ to someone in the roster who can body slam him. | RATED 44

5) In a singles match, Flapjack Flanagan defeated Elton Rando | RATED 36

6) In a tag team for the Boston Tag Team titles the War Eagles managed to retain the titles versus The London Gentlemen after Edward Monroe being disqualified by using an illegal choke move using the ropes and disrespecting the referee Joe Baugh | RATED 56

7) Othello Dawson and Edward Monroe continue their assault on the War Eagles | RATED 49

8 ) The decision that CWB universe was awating was revealed. Artie Goldstein - Wild Man Sullivan managers - and Wild Man Sullivan himself saw his title being stripped by Gene Plumelli. Gene Plumelli made his final decision and reverted the Cage match outcome and stripped Wild Man Sullivan's title, the Boston Heavyweight title. | RATED 60

9) Wild Man Sullivan goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the ring and the announcer's desk and even threatens to hit a fan | RATED 67

10) Identity Black defeated 10 Punch Buck Winslow and continue his attack after the match leaving Buck Winslow battered and bloodied | RATED 63

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | TV-Show | Monday, Wk 2, January 1977

in front of 1391 people in Hampton Beach Ballroom (New England) - SOLD OUT

Overall Rating: 55

1 - 10 Punch Buck Winslow is injured after last week attack from Identity Black, Flapjack Flanagan promises to revenge his tag partner and will take on Identity Black, if he's man enough to accept a challenge for the next CWB Main Event. | RATED 60

2 - Big Ted Muchnick came to the ring and issued an open challenge offering 500$ to someone in the roster who can body slam him, once again, this time Cueball Clayton answered the challenge | RATED 59

3 - Big Ted Muchnick let Cueball Clayton try but Cueball unable to Body Slam the Super Heavyweight started to attack him Big Ted Muchnick retaliated and a match started where Ted defeated Cueball Clayton by pinfall in 5 minutes of pure domination | RATED 37

4 - Boston tag team champions, War Eagles, defeated Robert Warsteiner and Wayne DeSota in a tag team match | RATED 40

5 - In a flash interview ringside after the match, with Louis Williams, The London Gentlemen, Edward Monroe and Othello Dawson challenged the War Eagles to settle the score at the next CWB main-event, the challenge was accepted. | RATED 42

6 - In a short singles match Corporal Doom dominated and defeated Kenny O'Quinn | RATED 47

7 - Corporal Doom is about to continue the attack with his armed forces antics but out came the Masked Patriot who challenged him for a match with a real oponnent at the next CWB main-event | RATED 57

8 - Louis Williams interviews Wild Man Sullivan and his manager, Artie Goldstein, Wild Man Sullivan is mad, he wants a title shot, he wants revenge, he wants a rematch. | RATED 54

9 - The Boston Bomber returns to the company and interrupts Wild Man Sullivan, he says that the challenge is accepted and both man proceed to brawl backstage until held appart by personell and locker room members | RATED 71

10 - In the night's main-event, Flapjack Flanagan teamed with The Stomper to verse agaisnt Identity Black and Rod Beams, Flanagan managed to get a pinfall over Rod Beams as Identity Black left frustrated after Flapjack Flanagan putting a fight against him. | RATED 53

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Sunday, Week 2, January 1977

Wrestling World is changing, the collaborations between promoters turn into hostility;
Texas Wrestling League declared war on American Pro Wrestling Federation,
All American Florida Wrestling declared war on APWF too.
APWF splits from CWB and ended their talent trading agreement.
CWF at war with ALQ.
CWF step away from CCW and tensions rise
A lot more is expected to come

Inside Championship Wrestling From Boston;
Viewing Figures are dropping for the televised show, but insiders say this is planned as the company is trying to adopt a different approach, selling tickets for the big events instead of delivering excellent televised shows.
Corporal Doom says Wayne DeSota is not tough enough for the bussiness and it should be released from CWB roster.
Rod Beams allegedely is doing some politics backstage.
The Boston Bomber and Flapjack Flanagan have been having problems lately. The Boston Bomber continues to amass enemies inside the locker room.

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | TV-Show | Monday, Wk 3, January 1977
in front of 1391 people in Hampton Beach Ballroom (New England) - SOLD OUT
Overall Rating: 68

Pre-Show) In a poor pre-show match, Ed Monix defeated Bobby Linquist in 8:29 by pinfall | RATED 36

1 - Identity Black was interviewed by Louis Williams, he didn't say a word besides yes when asked about Flapjack Flanagan challenge. | RATED 44

2 - In a decent tag team match, The London Gentlemen defeated Bobby Linquist and The Stomper by submission. | RATED 56

3 - Rod Beams and Rocco The Plumber attacked Bobby Linquist and The Stomper post-match | RATED 40

4 - Wild Man Sullivan cuts a promo where he doubts The Boston Bomber ability to wrestler at the CWB Main Event this month, is nothing but a bluff said Artie Goldstein, Sullivan's manager. | RATED 62

5 - The Boston Bomber answers and says that tonight he will have a small warm-up match, Wild Man Sullivan should do the same next week since he feels in better shape than ever and with more lust to get back what belongs to him the Boston Heavyweight title | RATED 80

6 - In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, The Boston Bomber defeated Cueball Clayton in 10:18 by submission with a Celtic Cloverleaf | RATED 63

7- Corporal Doom came to the ring and called out The Masked Patriot, he said he doesn't need to wait for the CWB Main Event to defeat a masked man who wears woman pants and hides behind a mask and calls himself a patriot, Corporal Doom is the true patriot since he served in the Armed Forces and fought real fights under the american flag, Patriot is nothing more than an impostor | RATED 76

8 - In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Corporal Doom drew with The Masked Patriot following a double count-out as both man brawled on the outside, in the middle of the crowd, with neither of them getting the upper hand tonight. | RATED 63



The show increased our popularity, but I don't really know if that's an advantage at this point, also noticed that The Masked Patriot is on the roster on loan and it only has 2 appeareances left. I also need to hire some jobbers on rotation otherwise is going to be hard, the roster is very badly balanced in terms of faces on the undercard. I also choose to keep this style of recaps, very shorten so people can easily follow and I don't lose the interest and keep the game going as I plan some other stuff for the future, either in CWB or other company as the world unfolds, but all in the same dynasty.


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Sunday, Week 3, January 1977

CWB is bolstering the roster with some new faces and graduates;

The two graduates are set to debut soon, there are also rumors of proposals to bolster CWB ranks with:

Big Tex Hampton, Clint Wayne, Lars Westingfall, Udo Maslowski and the comeback of Jazz Cat Washington and Teddy Carmen both trained at the Old World Gym.

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | TV-Show | Monday, Wk 4, January 1977
in front of 1391 people in Hampton Beach Ballroom (New England) - SOLD OUT
Overall Rating: 65

PRESHOW - Robert Warsteiner and Reginald Muscles defeated Jimmy Adams and Teddy Carmen in a tag team bout. | RATED 33
PRESHOW - Kenny O'Quinn defeated Rocco The Plumber | RATED 34

1 - Jazz Cat Washington is now Jazz Cat Boston as he returns back to his roots, back to where he belongs as he stated on a interview with Louis Williams | RATED 41

2 - Jazz Cat Boston defeated Wayne DeSota with a Smooth Jazz | RATED 39

3 - The London Gentlemen interviews by Louis Williams, say that this saturday is their night, the night the will become the Boston Tag Team champions and will put a British stamp in the title history | RATED 35

4 - Big Ted Muchnick issued a challenged for this saturday with 500$ dollars on the line, Ed Monix answered not only said that he is able to body slam Big Ted, he is also able to defeat him in a singles bout. | RATED 45

5 - Wild Man Sullivan defeated and dominated Udo Maslowski in a warm-up match for this saturday night Boston Heavyweight Title match | RATED 70

6 - Corporal Doom comes out and starts talking about patriotism once again, but this time is answered by the injured 10 Punch Buck Winslow who proposes a tag team match. Doom laughs at the challenge since Buck Winslow is clearly injured but out came Flapjack Flanagan, that is attacked by Identity Black and to top it all off, Masked Patriot rushed to aid Flapjack Flanagan from the attack from Doom and Black. A Two out of Three falls match started was announced by Colin Jameson to stop the mess  | RATED 62

7 - In a two out of three falls match agreed by the officials, Corporal Doom and Identity Black drew with the Masked Patriot and Flapjack Flanagan due to the time limit with one fall happening for each side | RATED 63

8 - The Boston Bomber and Wild Man Sullivan trade insults as they both officialize the Boston Heavyweight match happening this saturday at the CWB Main Event | RATED 74

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Tuesday, Week 4, January 1977

New faces for CWB, The Big Ol' Country Boy Tex Hampton.
The famous "Cowbow" Clint Wayne
"The Medieval Warrior" Lars Westingfall.

All set to debut soon for CWB, giving more characters and spectacle to the company that now has a solid roster with the new faces.

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | January '77 | CWB Main Event Card

"Cowboy" Clint Wayne vs. Robert Warsteiner
The debut of the cowboy in CWB against the savage Robert Warsteiner.

Bobby Linquist & The Stomper vs. The Working Men
After cheating to get a win and Bobby Linquist and The Stomper want some revenge on The Working Men, Rod Beams and Rocco the Plumber

Big Ted Munchkin vs. Ed Monix
Big Ted has been hosting his bodyslam challenge on a weekly basis, last week Ed Monix answered the challenge with a counter challenge a singles wrestling match between both, Ed Monix not only promises to slam Big Ted but to win the match as well.

Identity Black vs. Flapjack Flanagan
After Identity Black injuring 10 Punch Buck Winslow, Flapjack Flanagan wants to take revenge on behalf of his tag team partner, at first Identity Black couldn't care less but Flanagan in a series of tag bouts as already proven he can stay up against the powerhouse.

Boston Tag Team Titles Match
War Eagles(c) vs. The London Gentlemen

Since debuting in CWB that the London Gentlemen have been looking to get the tag team titles with all sort of tactics, last time the teams faced off it ended in a disqualification for The London Gentlemen that didn't break a choke hold and argued with the referee. With the titles once again on the line and the promise of The London Gentlemen to be their night a very good tag team bout.

The Masked Patriot vs. Corporal Doom - Loser Leaves Town
Since The Masked Patriot stopped a post-match attack by Corporal Doom that both have been feuding about patriotism. Corporal Doom says he's the real patriot, having served in the U.S. Army unlike the masked man who hides his identity and calls himself a patriot, matches have tooken place and netiher the man has gotten the upperhand with only one possible outcome, since it might be the last match in CWB for one of this men with the stipulation that the loser must leave CWB, at least for a while.

Boston Heavyweight Title Match
The Boston Bomber vs. Wild Man Sullivan

The Boston Bomber was injured by Wild Man Sullivan in a Cage match with the usage of an illegal move an Inverted Piledriver by Wild Man Sullivan who won that match and the belt, but this month Gene Plumelli reverted that decision and stripped Wild Man Sullivan from the title, Sullivan went on a rampage and demanded a rematch but The Boston Bomber was still injured. The Boston Bomber returned next week and answered Wild Man Sullivan challenge for a rematch and the match between the two biggest stars of CWB was arranged, both men won a warm-up match and showed they're ready for the upcoming bout, but will this mean the end of their feud? Who will emerge victorious?

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"Cowboy" Clint Wayne vs. Robert Warsteiner

Bobby Linquist & The Stomper vs. The Working Men

Big Ted Munchkin vs. Ed Monix

Identity Black vs. Flapjack Flanagan

Boston Tag Team Titles Match
War Eagles(c) vs. The London Gentlemen

The Masked Patriot vs. Corporal Doom - Loser Leaves Town
Boston Heavyweight Title Match
The Boston Bomber vs. Wild Man Sullivan

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Cowboy" Clint Wayne vs. Robert Warsteiner

Bobby Linquist & The Stomper vs. The Working Men

Big Ted Munchnik vs. Ed Monix

Identity Black vs. Flapjack Flanagan

Boston Tag Team Titles Match
War Eagles(c) vs. The London Gentlemen

The Masked Patriot vs. Corporal Doom - Loser Leaves Town
Boston Heavyweight Title Match
The Boston Bomber vs. Wild Man Sullivan

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Championship Wrestling from Boston | January '77 | CWB Main Event
in front of 7489 people in Blue Stripes Civic Center (New England) - SOLD OUT
Overall Rating: 66

Lars Westingfall def. Wayne de Sota
PRESHOW - Big Tex Hampton def. Cueball Clayton
PRESHOW - Jazz Cat Boston & Teddy Carmen def. Reginald Muscles & Elton Rando

1- The show started with an argument between The Boston Bomber and Wild Man Sullivan | RATED 78
2- "Cowboy" Clint Wayne defeated Robert Warsteiner in his CWB's debut | RATED: 46
3- The Working Men after some opponent miscomunication defeated The Stomper & Bobby Linquist | RATED: 43
Ed Monix did manage to slam Big Ted Muchnick but that wasn't enough as Big Ted defeated Ed Monix afterwards | RATED: 42
Identity Black defeated Flapjack Flanagan even after being distracted by the returning 10 Punch Buck Winslow | RATED: 47
In a loser leaves town match, Corporal Doom defeated The Masked Patriot who was forced to leave the company for the shock of the fans | RATED: 64
The London Gentlement managed to become second time tag team champions after defeating legally but with some cheaty tactics along the way the previous Tag Team Champs War Eagles | RATED: 53
Wild Man Sullivan won the main-event but is one to remember as the men fought a 22 minutes hard battle, but The Boston Bomber was disqualified after using the illegal Inverted Piledriver that he just suffered from Wild Man Sullivan the last time these two met, the title remains Vacant and up for grabs | RATED: 67

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