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Can someone cut these 4 me...

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i cant download gimp cause im on my step dads comp so can someone do these for me please? i want them on kykys [url]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/images/377012/3009486[/url] Batista & Mark Henry From this [url]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/touts/feature/29062/3017046[/url] DX From this [url]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/touts/feature/29062/3008634[/url] Edge From this [url]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/images/309846/2221748/3008720/20060706_snme_cenaedge.jpg[/url] RVD From this [url]http://www.wwe.com/content/media/touts/large/29062/3010282[/url]
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