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Iconic Item/Weapon as part of gimmick

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I would love to see gimmicks getting a little more depth with the addition of iconic items, gear or weapons. Think Sting's baseball bat, the Dudley's table obsession and even Jake Roberts' snake.

At the moment, TEW doesn't have anything to represent those things. However, I do get that can be included under the "theatre of the mind" aspect of the game, but I think it would give workers more ways of being unique and add a little spice to booking. Adding a road agent note "use iconic item" would probably be a good way of implementing it.

Obviously these iconic items would offer a boost to certain matches (particularly hardcore if they're weapons) and angles. They'd have to be used frequently enough to remain relevant, but if overdone would become stale. Perhaps they could have a similar mechanism to the gimmicks - either they're pretty wild with some big boosts but cool off quickly, or they give a small boost and stand the test of time (D-Von, get the tables is incapable of not being fun every time).

Their rating/reputation/prestige could be tied to angle and match performance. If they're used in a 5 star classic, they grow in prestige/reputation, but if they're present in a stinker, they lose that.

I don't know exactly how best to implement this mechanically, but I hope I got across the idea of this extra layer of detail to gimmicks.

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