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Чемпионат России по Реслингу: Championship Wrestling from Russia

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SALMAN HASHIMIKOV: The legend of Russian wrestling and multiple-time world champion established himself as the leader of Championship Wrestling from Russia. He has shed his clean-cut image and ditched the national team's singlet for cut-off T-shirts and jeans as he goes into 1993 with an edgier, more bad-ass image.
VOLK HAN: The renowned Sambo master who fights with the spirit and intensity of a wolf. He has already declared his intention to push for the national championship in 1993.
VICTOR ZANGIEV: The great amateur wrestler drew the attentions of the mysterious beauty Anastasia and the beast Kamala; he has won back Anastasia and her affections, but for how long?
VLADIMIR POPOV: The Seoul Olympics bronze medalist entered CWR as a rookie and earned a title shot against the national champion; how much higher will he fly in the coming year?
THE FLYING COSMONAUTS: The mysterious high-flying masked tag team thrilled viewers of Championship Wrestling from Russia on 2×2 and went on to become the national tag-team champions, but how long can they keep their pace leading the tag division?
SVETLANA GOUNDARENKO: The powerful woman judoka participated in the Olympics and won back her championship in the same year. Her open challenge to all women will draw many new and intriguing challengers to Russia in the coming year...
KOLYA THE WRESTLING BEAR: The beloved mascot of Championship Wrestling from Russia looks soft and cuddly, but has mauled many on its roster and will almost certainly draw blood again in the coming year.

TERRY FUNK: The wild and uncouth Texan offended many with his antics as he insulted, bloodied and nearly paralyzed his opponents with his banned Piledriver. Will he have a change of heart in 1993?
DAVE FINLAY AND STEVEN REGAL: This foreign tag team set their sights on dominating the Russian tag team scene but fell short of winning the All-Russia tournament. Will they leave Russia as they've promised, or insist on sticking around to the annoyance of the fans?
BAM BAM BIGELOW: The American brawler had some of the most thrilling matches of 1992 but came up short against Volk Han.
KAMALA: The mighty beast found and lost his love and is sure to wage a path of destruction to get her back in 1993.
MINORU SUZUKI: The Japanese shooter has arrived in CWR and found easy success; is he ready to contend for the championship?
TERRY GORDY: The raucous American came in to CWR as Terry Funk's enforcer, but seems destined for even greater things...
GAMA SINGH: The Great Gama has a mixed record in CWR. Will he continue to be a gadfly, or is he the dangerous championship contender he thinks he is?
GARY HART: The devious American manager was last seen being mauled by Kolya the Wrestling Bear. But that couldn't possibly be the end of him...

VALERI VASILIEV: The legendary enforcer of the Soviet national team has managed to keep control of these wild wrestlers as the general manager of Championship Wrestling from Russia... but will it last?
LYUDMILA KONDRATYEVA: The great Soviet sprinter is now a backstage interviewer for the television broadcast.
GEORGY SARKISYANTS: The long-time sportscaster is a familiar presence in Russian homes for decades now and his legacy continues as the announcer of Championship Wrestling from Russia.


THE WAR AND PEACE TOUR: The national tour to establish Championship Wrestling from Russia and build groundswell support around the new TV series on 2×2 proved to be a rousing success, but did not pass without controversy. Terry Funk quickly tried to establish himself as an adversary to Salman Hashimikov; when the Russian-American pro wrestler Ivan Koloff arrived in Russia to be a mentor to Salman, Terry Funk took the rivalry to a brutal level by nearly paralyzing Koloff with a piledriver through a table in Novosibirsk. The tour ended in Moscow with Salman Hashimikov claiming his first victory over Terry Funk, but the war was only beginning. This tour also saw the beginnings of the whirlwind romance between the mysterious Anastasia and Victor Zangiev, Gary Hart's first overtures at signing Volk Han, and Svetlana Goundarenko defending her national championship against all comers.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: October saw the first episodes of Championship Wrestling from Russia airing on 2×2, and a huge show in Moscow that featured the finals of the tournament to crown a new national champion, in which Salman Hashimikov once again defeated Terry Funk. Zangiev defeated Kamala in their first encounter but Kamala quickly kidnapped Anastasia, and Volk Han defeated Gary Hart's client Bam Bam Bigelow but his struggles with the Americans were only beginning.

THE SHOOTING PARTY: Terry Funk revealed his posse of wild and violent men and faced the Dream Team of Salman Hashimikov and Victor Zangiev in a huge main event with Terry Gordy as his partner, scoring a huge victory over the Russian team. Minoru Suzuki arrived in Russia with huge aplomb and faced Grigory Verichev in a Judo Jacket match. Svetlana Goundarenko made her triumphant return from the '92 Olympics to win her championship back from Bull Nakano. The Georgian boxer Georgi Kandelaki also made his much-hyped debut.

INSULT AND INJURY: The feud between Terry Funk and Salman Hashimikov escalated to a brutal new level in the Texas Death Match, where Hashimikov found himself fighting off not only Terry Funk but his whole Texan posse; Terry Funk used the banned piledriver to put away his opponent in the no-rules match and win the national championship. Volk Han, recovering from an attack by Kolya the Wrestling Bear orchestrated by Gary Hart, turned the tables on him by beating Bam Bam Bigelow in a Russian Chain match and forcing the corrupt manager into the bear cage himself.

NEW YEAR'S DAY: Terry Funk was left laying in a pool of his own blood in the steel cage as Salman Hashimikov brought an end to their feud in the ring at the Moscow Circus, winning back his national championship. Kamala and Anastasia's shotgun wedding was disrupted by Victor Zangiev, who freed Anastasia from the clutches of the beast in a daring rescue, and the Flying Cosmonauts won the All-Russia Tag Team Tournament. Minoru Suzuki scored a shocking victory over Volk Han. There was a special appearance by Jumbo Tsuruta from our partner promotion AJPW, who lost to Terry Gordy.

Boris Zhukov (not really Russian)
Nikolai Volkoff (not really Russian)
Boris Khruschevv (not really Russian)
Tiger Jeet Singh (got into a fight with Billy Gunn)
Vladimir Koloff (not really Russian)
Vakha Evloev (couldn't get over)
Taz (had a bad attitude)
Andrei Kopylov (had a terrible match)
Tiger Levani (couldn't get over)
Grom Zaza / Zaza Tkeshelashvili (I forget why I fired this guy)
Lizmark Jr. (came to work drunk)


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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. January 1993. 452 fans in attendance.

Dark match: Vladimir Popov and Georgi Kandelaki defeat Billy Gunn and Tom Prichard in 10:13 when Prichard submits to Popov's Boston crab. (40)

Dark match: Olga Turchak defeats Velvet McIntyre in 7:55. (33)

The show begins with Terry Funk and his posse backstage with Lyudmila. Lyudmila asks what Terry Funk's plans are now that he has decisively lost his championship to Salman Hashimikov. 'I don't feel like I lost. I don't remember losing. Someone tells me I got beat bloody and was laying face down when he walked out of the cage. Did he pin me? Did he take the belt from me? I think he knew I was just getting warmed up, turned tail and ran. So I'm going to keep doing what I do, which is run this company like I own it, and show this whole damn country what a real professional wrestler looks like.' (49)

In the opening match, Dave Finlay and Steven Regal defeat Al Snow and Dean Malenko in 12:40 when Finlay pins Al Snow with the Tombstone piledriver. (66)

Lyudmila enters the ring to interview Finlay and Regal. She asks if they intend to make good on their threats to leave Russia. 'We've been entirely clear on this -- having beaten every single tag team in Russia, all we need is to be crowned the champions as we rightfully are, and we'll then leave,' Regal explains. 'No point in beating around the bush -- we're bringing the Flying Cosmonauts back down to earth,' Finlay adds. (34)

Mike Awesome defeats Norman Smiley in 5:02 with the Awesome Bomb. (32)

Lyudmila is backstage with Salman Hashimikov. She asks what his intentions are now that he has the national championship. 'Franky, after the level of violence Terry Funk brought me down to, it made me question myself and whether any of this is worth it. Because, as good as it felt to leave him laying in his own blood, there's nothing sporting about that. That's not wrestling to me. And it made me really question if I deserve to even hold this championship.' He holds the belt up to the camera. 'I have to be a fighting champion. I have to prove it to all the wrestling fans across Russia, and I have to prove it to myself. I'm ready to face any contender, whether they be American, Russian, wrestler, boxer, no matter. I'll face anyone.' (47)

Gary Hart is seen laying in a hospital bed covered in bandages. 'The doctors tell me I'm lucky to be alive. But I don't feel lucky. No, what I feel right now... words come to mind like indignance, rage. There's no luck about it. Right now, I think what's keeping me alive is hate -- hate for this country and the stupid Russkiys who live here.' (51)

Terry Gordy defeats Cosmonaut I in 13:23 with a powerbomb. (68)

Valeri Vasiliev is backstage with Lyudmila Kondratyeva. 'You know, Championship Wrestling from Russia has gone from strength to strength. We did a huge national tour last year, we had nearly a sold-out crowd at the Moscow Circus this month, and my phone is going off the hook with different athletes who want to come here and prove themselves in this ring. Just now, I've signed a contract with a brand new talent that I'd like to introduce you all to at this time.' The tall, statuesque Olga Turchak walks onscreen and smiles to the camera. 'Ladies and gentlemen, Olympic high jumper Olga Turchak has finished her amateur career, she's started training as a professional wrestler and she is excited to join us here in Championship Wrestling from Russia.' (39)

Monster Ripper and Bull Nakano defeat Cutie Suzuki and Debbie Malenko in 9:35 when Nakano pins Malenko after a guillotine leg drop. (54)

A man is seen in silhouette boxing in the ring. He steps into the light -- it's Leon Spinks! The announcer declares he is coming to Championship Wrestling from Russia. (34)

In the main event, Grigory Verichev defeats Terry Funk in 15:09 with a judo slam. (55)

Terry Funk is furious! His posse comes out to the ring and they start wrecking things, knocking over cameras, pulling out cables, throwing over the announcer's desk. (47)

Overall Rating: 53

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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. January 1993. 445 fans in attendance.

Dark match: Mike Awesome and Bad News Allen beat Jado and Gedo in 9:40 when Jado was hit with the Awesome Bomb. (45)
Dark match: Ultimo Dragon beat Al Snow in 10:21 with an Asai DDT. (50)

Valeri Vasiliev is backstage with Terry Funk and his posse. 'I've had enough of this nonsense. This was supposed to end with the cage match and you still insist on carrying on like thugs. You've given me no choice but to suspend you all --' Salman Hashimikov walks in. 'If you don't mind me cutting in, boss, I have a solution that should end this. We can settle this in a five-on-five tag team. I'll put together a new Dream Team and we can settle this once and for all.' Funk accepts the challenge. (51)

In the opening match, The Ugly Americans (Johnny Ace and Scotty Flamingo) beat 2 Cold Scorpio and Booker T in 12:56 when Booker T was pinned with the Ace Crusher. (47)

Olga Turchak and Akira Hokuto beat Klondyke Kate and Reggie Bennett in 9:42 when Olga Turchak took Klondyke Kate down with a high kick. (47)

Lyudmila Kondratyeva is backstage with Volk Han. She asks him about his loss to Minoru Suzuki. 'He's a tough competitor, a real shooter. But I'll tell you this -- I don't think this is over. I'm not done with him.' (35)

Vladimir Popov beat Tom Prichard in 13:18 with a boston crab. (42)

Leon Spinks beat Dean Malenko in 8:20 with a knockout punch. (56)

Lyudmila Kondratyeva is backstage with Grigory Verichev. She congratulates him on his win against Terry Funk. 'It's not every day you defeat a world champion, but I'll tell you one thing -- Terry is cracked, and now there's room at the top for new challengers. Salman Hashimikov -- I'm not calling you out yet. In fact, you can count on me for your new Dream Team, because I want to judo slam that bastard Terry Funk again.' (41)

In our main event, Victor Zangiev (w/ Anastasia) defeats Dave Finlay in 15:07 by pinfall. (53)

As Zangiev celebrates his victory, Kamala slides in the ring behind him! They start brawling! Anastasia is at ringside screaming for help as the show goes off the air! (49)

Overall Rating: 48

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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. January 1993.

Dark match: Georgi Kandelaki and Grigory Verichev defeat Cuban Assassin and Bad News Allen in 10:25 when Georgi Kandelaki hits Cuban Assassin with his knockout punch. (46)

The show starts with Victor Zangiev being interviewed. Lyudmila asks him about Kamala attacking him last week. 'It seems we're not safe wherever we go. He's always trying to get at me and Anastasia. Well, I understand he will be in the main event tonight...' Valeri Vasiliev comes up and informs Zangiev that, because of the attack last week, he will be banned from the studio tonight. (42)

In our opening match, Al Snow and Dean Malenko beat Vladimir Berkovich and Igor Kolmykov in 12:38 when Kolmykov tapped to the Texas Cloverleaf. (59)

After the match, Kolmykov and Berkovich shove eachother in frustration. Kolymkov walks off on his partner. (32)

Akira Hokuto and Olga Turchak beat Cutie Suzuki and Debbie Malenko in 10:10 when Olga pins Debbie Malenko wiht the axe kick. Debbie Malenko was upset post-match because the inexperienced Olga Turchak almost injured her. (40)

Lyudmila interviews Bam Bam Bigelow. He has something to say about Grigory Verichev, but he doesn't speak Russian so no one understands what the hell he's saying. (33)

Terry Gordy beat Vladimir Popov in 13:16 with the backdrop driver. (51)

Lyudmila is backstage with Cosmonaut II. They're about to start their interview when Dave Finlay attacks from out of nowhere and they brawl through the corridors of the studio. (39)

Leon Spinks beat Steven Regal in 9:38 with a knockout punch. (54)

Lyudmila interviews Svetlana Goundarenko. She explains how she feels confident as champion, having beaten Bull Nakano and Monster Ripper, and says she's glad there are even more women competitors in Russia now. She sees something offscreen and pauses. Bull Nakano and Monster Ripper step into frame on either side and glare at Svetlana. (37)

In our main event, Volk Han defeats Kamala in 15:12 by pinfall. (54)

Valeri Vasiliev comes out to the ring. He explains that the 5-on-5 matchup between Terry Funk's Posse and Salman Hashimikov's Dream Team is set, but he needs some assurance things will not get out of hand. Terry Funk and Salman Hashimikov both come out. Valeri Vasiliev says that after the brawling and backstage attacks over the past few months, he's not taking any risks and has gone outside to recruit a special enforcer for the match to ensure things don't get out of line. He asks the mystery enforcer to come out... it's Anatoly Pisarenko!!? (60)

Overall Rating: 52


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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. January 1993. 504 fans in attendance.

Anatoly Pisarenko is interviewed by Lyudmilla Kondratyeva. She asks what his plans are for handling the 5 on 5 match. 'Quite simply, if anyone steps out of line, I will break them.' Salman Hashimikov comes out. 'It's no secret that you have a chequered past as an athlete. How do we know we can trust you?' Pisarenko tries to explain that he's a changed man, but Terry Funk comes out and pats him on the back. 'This man Pisarenko, he may be Russian, but I like him. What's the problem, Salman?' Pisarenko steps in between them to keep them separated. (53)

In the opening contest, Minoru Suzuki beats Steven Regal in 14:48 with the sleeper hold in a technical masterclass. (69)

Svetlana Goundarenko comes to ringside to join Georgy Sarkisyants on commentary. After Bull Nakano and Monster Ripper's implicit challenge last week, she wants to watch their match, she explains. (35)

Monster Ripper and Bull Nakano beat Akiro Hokuto and Olga Turchak in 9:51 when Bull Nakano pins Hokuto with the guillotine leg drop. (54)

Lyudmila interviews Victor Zangiev, with Kamala on a television screen, appearing 'via satellite'. Lyudmila asks if the issue between them can ever be resolved. Kamala babbles angrily and Zangiev pushes over the television, shattering it. (45)

Mike Awesome and Bad News Allen beat Sho Funaki and Dick Togo in 12:34 when Mike Awesome powerbombs Dick Togo. (47)

Georgi Kandelaki is with Lyudmila. He says he's seen a new competitor in CWR that he wants to test his mettle against. 'I want a match with you, Leon Spinks! Not in the boxing ring, but in the wrestling ring, where there's no rounds and no rules to protect you from what I'm going to do...' (32)

Meanwhile in the ring, Steven Regal and Dave Finlay have the microphone. 'The Flying Cosmonauts are a great team and we can't take that away from them... but we can take the All-Russia tag team titles,' Regal says. 'And then we can finally get out of this godforsaken country!' Finlay adds.

Vladimir Popov beat Dave Finlay in 13:02 with a boston crab. (54)

In the main event, the Dream Team of Salman Hashimikov, Victor Zangiev and Volk Han defeated the Ugly Americans (Johnny Ace, Scotty Flamingo and Tom Prichard) in 10:58 when Hashimikov pinned Johnny Ace. (69)

Overall Rating: 58

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Febraury 1993. 1,823 fans in attendance at the Moscow Circus.

Bam Bam Bigelow defeats Kamala in 10:53 with a diving headbutt in a wild brawl to open the show. (58)

Norman Smiley and Vladimir Berkovich defeat Al Snow and Dean Malenko in 12:38 when Berkovich makes Al Snow submit to the Boston Crab. (61)

Svetlana Goundarenko defeats Bull Nakano and Monster Ripper to retain the All-Russia Women's Championship in 12:36 when Svetlana judo-slams Monster Ripper. This is her third defense of the title. (49)

Minoru Suzuki defeats Kolya the Wrestling Bear in 10:12 by pinfall. The match is criticized for a lack of selling. (52)

The Flying Cosmonatus defeat Dave Finlay and Steven Regal in 14:46 to retain the All-Russia Tag Team Championship when Cosmonaut II delivers a brainbuster to Steven Regal. This is their first defense. (62)

Leon Spinks defeats Georgi Kandelaki in 14:46 when he pins him after a knockout punch. (26)

In our main event, with Anatoly Pisarenko as the ringside enforcer, The Dream Team (Salman Hashimikov, Victor Zangiev, Volk Han, Vladimir Popov and Grigory Verichev) defeat Terry Funk's Posse (Terry Funk, Ice Train, Terry Gordy, Bad News Allen and Mike Awesome) in 15:41 when Vladimir Popov gets Bad News Allen to submit to the Boston Crab. (56)

Post-match, Terry Funk starts to go crazy! He attacks his own teammates and tries to attack Vladimir Popov, when Anatoly Pisarenko slide sinto the ring and knocks him out with a huge lariat! Then, Pisarenko turns his attention to Salman Hashimikov, who steps into the ring to attend to Popov. They stare each other down as the crowd in the Moscow Circus goes wild. (57)

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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. February 1993.

Dark match: Georgi Kandelaki defeats Norman Smiley in 9:41 with a knockout punch. (44)

The show begins with Anatoly Pisarenko and Salman Hashimikov backstage arguing. Valeri Vasiliev cuts between them. 'Gentlemen, please. I don't know what the problem is between you two. Now that the Funk business is over with, there's no reason you two shouldn't be able to get along.' Salman shakes his head and says, 'That man brought shame to the Soviet Union. I don't need to go into what he did, but I can't trust him at all.' Pisarenko is furious. 'How dare you?! You think you can insult my honour? I could lariat you into the ground...' Valeri throws his hands up. 'Enough! You two are going to figure out how to get along because I'm putting you in a tag team match in the main event tonight.' (49)

In the opening match, Volk Han defeats Ultimo Dragon in 12:42 by pinfall. (51)

This is followed by a taped segment where Lyudmila Kondratyeva visits Gary Hart in the hospital. Gary is still covered in bandages and confined to his bed. 'Mr. Hart, have your doctors given you an estimate for when we can expect to see you back in Championship Wrestling?' Gary laughs in a sick, hacking way. 'I'll be with you all soon enough. I have a new client who will devestate the nation of Russia... I should stop before I say too much.' (43)

Reggie Bennett, Monster Ripper and Bull Nakano beat Olga Turchak, Cutie Suzuki and Debbie Malenko in 7:53 when Reggie makes Cutie Suzuki tap out to the torture rack. (48)

Terry Gordy beats Igor Kolmykov in 12:45 with a backdrop driver. (57)

Lyudmila Kondratyeva enters the ring for a post-match interview with Terry Gordy. He grabs the microphone. 'I don't got a lot to say. Volk Han! You wanna be the champ? You gotta go through me first!' (37)

Grigory Verichev defeats Steven Regal in 12:04 with a judo slam. (67)

As he celebrates his win, Bam Bam Bigelow slides into the ring and attacks Verichev from behind! He quickly escapes the ring as the studio security rushes to ringside. (43)

In our main event, Salman Hashimikov (w/ Ivan Koloff) and Anatoly Pisarenko defeat Al Snow and Dean Malenko in 12:42 when Hashimikov pins Al Snow. (47)

After the match, Pisarenko and Hashimikov are left in the ring. Pisarenko is still furious with Hashimikov. Hashimikov offers him a a handshake reluctantly, but Pisarenko slaps his hand away and walks off. (53)

Overall Rating: 51

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Taped at the Ostankino Television Technical Center in Moscow, Russia. February 1993. 484 fans in attendance.

Dark match: Olga Turchak defeats Debbie Malenko in 7:57 with a splash. (40)

The show opens with Lyudmila interviewing Salman Hashimikov. She asks about having his handshake rejected by Pisarenko after their match last week. 'Well, he's shown everyone exactly what kind of character he is. He doesn't care about a damn thing except himself. I'm finished talking about him...' Pisarenko sidles up to them. 'You don't know a thing about me, Hashimikov. I don't know if you're resentful of my success, or jealous of these muscles, but whatever it is, stop acting like you're better than me and talking this garbage, or we're going to have a problem. Understand?' (48)

In the opening match, Terry Funk defeats Norman Smiley in 13:40 with the spinning toe hold. (41)

Lyudmila interviews Terry after the match. 'I got a list of Russians I have a problem with that's about a mile long, and the next name up on that list is Vladimir Popov. He tried to get one over on me at the Moscow Circus, and I've got a lesson to teach him. If he wants to play pro wrestler, I'm going to show him what this game is really about.' (55)

Reggie Bennett defeated Akira Hokuto in 9:47 with a powerbomb. (58)

Dave Finlay and Steven Regal defeat 2 Cold Scorpio and Booker T in 12:39 when Regal makes Booker T tap to the regal stretch. (59)

Lyudmila is backstage with Vladimir Berkovich and Igor Kolmykov. She asks them about the tensions between the two over the past weeks. They both give noncommittal answers and glare at eachother. (24)

Minoru Suzuki defeats Georgi Kandelaki in 13:07 with the sleeper hold. (61)

Lyudmila is backstage with Volk Han and asks him about Terry Gordy's challenge last week. 'I look forward to a new challenger. I came here to test myself against the best, and he's a serious wrestler who's proved himself in Japan and America... but he's never faced anyone like me.' (40)

In our main event, Victor Zangiev (w/ Anastasia) defeats Leon Spinks in 15:30 by submission. (45)

Victor Zangiev grabs the ringside mic. 'Kamala... do you realise we've been at this over a year, back and forth? We can't do this forever. I want a match with you that settles things. This country, I've realised, isn't big enough for the both of us. One of us has to go.' Kamala rushes out to the ring to confront him, with security guards closely behind him to keep them separated as the show goes off the air. (41)

Overall Rating: 49

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