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As someone who gotten into NJPW a year after the formation of the Bullet Club, I became an instant fan watching nearly every high quality video on the company and their history. As someone who been watching wrestling since 1998 and know some of the familiar names with a few still wrestling in NJPW. However, what drew my interest was the championship belts name and the name itself.

Upon researching the name, IWGP, I discovered it was a made up name to make the titles even more prestigious which actually did help the titles popularity. 

Fast forward to my revamping of my TEW20 setup and some WWE games, I been using something similar, the Blac Corp international Grand Prix. Unlike the fake governing body for NJPW, the BCIGP would be an actual governing body within my save to try and make it a little more realistic with belts having the surname on them. Further, the governing body also control the four child promotions of TCW for further vertical integration and developmental. This ensures the company of fresh, homegrown talent.


Top Championship Wrestling

ELITE Pro Wrestling (NXT like)

ELITE Lucha Pro Wrestling

Big City Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW style with a women division)

VALOR (REVPRO or Progress)

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Top Championship Wrestling has a weight class or division

215 lbs and higher, Light weight and Heavyweight divisions (including super heavyweights)

150 to 215 lbs, Hybrid-X or Lightweight Division

Diamond's division, women division.

Light-Heavyweight are the only individuals to compete in both Hybrid-X and the heavyweight division.

OIG (4).jpg

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Rules and Regulations

  1. BCiGP has establish the following of weight class and their accompanying championship belts with the interNational, World Tag-Team, Pureweight, and the Darc Woman not be exclusive to any weight classes.:
    1. Heavyweight
    2. Hybrid-X and their accompanying Tag-Team Championship
    3. Diamond and their accompanying Tag-Team Championship
  2. Any wrestler throwing any object intentionally at any TCW official (referee, GM, owner, etc.) or fans will be terminated immediately without pay and loss of royalties.
  3. Theres no drinking, smoking cigarettes or cigars, illegal drugs, painkillers, and or steroids as they could lead to the impairment of the wrestler’s abilities in the ring.
  4. Any employee who conducts any type of sexual advancement will be immediately terminated without pay.


To ensure all championships are defended and not stagnant, all affiliated champions are mandated to defend their respective championship belts within 30 days of their previous championship defense or will be stripped of their championship belt. The only exceptions that will garner the champion an additional 15 days are the following:

1.      The booker accidentally did not book the champion by the 30th day.

    1. The champion was loaned out to another promotion and the loanee promotion didn’t book the champion to defend the championship belt.
    2. The champion is taking part in a tournament and unable to defend their belt.
    3. Any wrestler who manages to pin the champion in a non-championship match will receive a championship title shot with the champion choosing the event.

For non-championship matches:

1.      Non-championship matches have 15-minute limit with a 10-minute extension if approved by both the booker and officiating referee if both wrestlers are able to continue.

2.      There is a 20 count instead of a 10 count.

Championship rules:

1.      All championship matches have a 20-minute limit with a 15-minute extension.

2.      In single championship matches, all matches are contested under 2/3.

3.      There is a 20 count instead of a 10 count.

4.      Any disqualifications that occur, the champion will retain their championship belt, but the challenger will get to choose the next match against the champion at the next PPV.


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BCiGP Full Force Tag-Team Trophy, September

BCiGP Full Force Tag-Team Trophy.jpg



BCiGP Grand Prix Trophy, same night as United Divided 

BCiGP Grand Prix Trophy.jpg



BCiGP Kings Trophy, same night as No Guilty Verdict

BCiGP Kings Trophy.jpg



BCiGP Women Trophy, During Envy PPV

BCiGP Women Trophy.jpg



A wrestler must win the New Years Battle Royal to win the championship and can cash vacate the championship to compete for any male single BCIGP championship.

If the wrestler choose to keep the championship, after 13 successful title defense, the champion will be able to "cash in" for any single male championship within the calendar year.

TCW Disco Havoc Tournament.jpg

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