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Dawn Of MMA (UFC)... but with WMMA5 fighters!

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The plan with this dynasty:

I am using the Dawn Of MMA Revamped dynasty, but instead of the real fighters, I put in the default characters with their stats lowered (the database where all the fighter's stats are reduced by 20, can't remember that one offhand).  I will not turn on fighter generation until January 2002 when the default database begins, and will not turn on local fight cards until 1998 or 1999.  I will control the UFC, and in order to make it even more interesting, follow their fight schedule as close as possible (hold the cards close to when they were held in real life, start the weight classes when they started in real life, etc...).  Hopefully this will be a fun one to do!!

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UFC 1 - The Beginning


UFC 1 - "The Beginning", held on November 12th, 1993, turned out to be an entertaining night.  FOUR of the fights in the tournament went the full 60 minute time limit, while one of the semi-final fights did not happen due to a forfeit.  The prelim fight saw Yevgeni Sipatov choke out Dexter Darling in roughly 15 minutes.  The tournament results are below:




Marvin Stevens, the biggest competitor in the tournament fought in THREE of the 4 60 minute fights, but somehow came away with the win, and UFC 1 Champion.  Patrick Thomas broke his wrist in his first round match with Mark Cohen, and forfeited his semi-final match against Christian Mountfield, but Stevens was still able to come away with the victory.  


Is Marvin Stevens the real deal?  Fans were largely turned off by his fights, but no one can deny his talent.  Join us next time for UFC 2!

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UFC 2 - No Way Out

Colorado hosted the 2nd UFC tournament in March 2004, and this time, FIVE of the fights went 60 minutes, while the main event went over 50!  In the prelim, Christian Mountfield (2-1) defeated Beau Gorshin (1-0) via decision.  Marvin Stevens looked to repeat as UFC Champion, however he tapped out in the semi-finals to Truck Gleeson by a rear naked choke!  The final saw newcomer Rufus Stephens choke out Gleeson to become the UFC 2 Champion.  Here are the tournament results:




With Rufus winning UFC 2, questions arise as to what happens next.  Can Stevens rebound to win a 2nd tournament?  Will we see even more fights go 60 minutes?  Is Rufus going to be the poster boy of the UFC?  Join us in September for UFC 3 - The American Dream.

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UFC 3 - The American Dream

The UFC invaded North Carolina in September 1994 for the third installment of the UFC.  UFC 2 Champion Rufus Stephens did not compete due to being booked in Shooto 28.  In the prelim, Carlos dos Santos (1-0) TKOed Duane Weatherly (1-1) in 15 minutes via strikes.  In the tournament, the smallest competitor to date, Easton Frye (2-1) shocked the UFC world, easily winning his first two fights, then going the distance against Dexter Darling (0-1) to win UFC 3!  The results are as follows:




UFC 1 saw a near 300lb man win, but UFC 3 saw a 145lb man outlast everyone!  Rufus Stephens (5-0) is undefeated as a fighter in both the UFC and Shooto.  The UFC continues to grow and entertain, and UFC 4 - Revenge Of The Warriors was announced to be held in December 1994.  Join us!

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UFC 4 - Revenge Of The Warriors

"UFC 4 - Revenge Of The Warriors" was held in December 1994.  A big draw was UFC 2 and UFC 3 winners Rufus Stephens (5-0, 3-0) and Easton Frye (5-1, 3-0) meeting in the first round thanks to the draw.  Three prelim matches were held, won by UFC 1 winner Marvin Stevens (4-2, 2-1), Christian Mountfield (4-1, 4-1), and Brady Crawford (0-0).  FIVE of the ten matches held went the distance.  In the end, Rufus Stephens was able to win his second tournament in a row, defeating Patrick Thomas (3-1, 1-1) in just 7 minutes with a real naked choke.  Card results are as follows:





With Stephens now clearly the top of the mountain, now undefeated at 8-0 (6-0 in the UFC), who can step up to the plate and give a good challenge to Rufus?  Marvin Stevens is back on his winning ways.  Easton Frye loses in the first round after his UFC 3 tournament win.  Join us next time in April 1995 for the milestone UFC 5!

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1994 Year End Awards

In an incredible year for this new sport people are calling "Mixed Martial Arts", Blurcat.com has announced their year end awards for 1994.  Unfortunately, the UFC did not win any awards.  1995, however, looks to be a banner year for the UFC.  The 1994 awards are as follows:



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UFC 5 - Crowning Of A Champion

"UFC 5 - Crowning Of A Champion"  would make history.  For the first time, a single fight would be held to crown the first UFC Superfight Champion.  A tournament was also held.  The tournament was an exciting affair, with newcomer Marlon John (0-0) and UFC veteran Jack Humphries (2-3, 1-2) making the finals.  John had two 30 minute fights, while Humphries had 2 short ones, including a 46 second first round win.  That proved to be the difference, as Humphries would win the decision and UFC 5 champion.  In the main event, Easton Frye (5-2, 3-1) would get revenge on Rufus Stephens (8-0, 6-0) from UFC 4, and be crowned the first UFC Superfight Champion, winning via unanimous decision.  Results are as follows:





Wyoming will be the site for the next event in July 1995.  See you there!

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