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Character Creation Guide for a Noob

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I don't think there is one; the in-game handbook should cover everything you need to know though. It's difficult to be give any advice without knowing what part you're struggling on, but a general tip is just to look at the default database, there's enough varied content that you should be able to see how just about anything is constructed.

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1 hour ago, Ash97 said:

I mainly wanted to know if it was possible to tie a characters state to a location i.e. Character A dies so location A is destroyed.

Off the top of my head I don't think so. The closest you could do would be to create a Reactive Event of "Character A is defeated" being the cause and the effect being location A either switch to inactive or swapping with a new location of "Ruins of Location A". The only key difference would be that Character A would most likely still be alive, unless you got a very lucky dice role post-battle!

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