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WreSpi Review @ OS

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You will find the latest WreSpi review posted at Operation Sports: [url]http://www.operationsports.com/[/url] Wrestling Spirit recieves a 4 out of 5! Here's a snippet: "In early 2004, I reviewed "Total Extreme Wrestling" from creator Adam Ryland. I put a lot of time into playing the game and ended up believing that "Total Extreme Wrestling" would be better suited for the hardcore wrestling fan as opposed to the casual fan. When Grey Dog Software asked if I would be interested in their latest title, “Wrestling Spirit: Rookie to Legend”, I decided to give Adam Ryland’s wrestling vision another shot. Right after installing my license I saw tremendous improvements, which made this game extremely easy to dive right into. The same formula is here, and it's still a text-based simulation, but the largest difference with “Wrestling Spirit: Rookie to Legend” is that the "extra" graphics were already there; there was no importing, and no trying to figure out how to improve the presentation." For the full review please visit Operation Sports: [url]http://www.operationsports.com/revi...wrestlingspirit[/url] Tara
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