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I have a two player game going on currently where I am playing as both. I have decided that down the line I would like to merge both companies into one. What is the best way to go about this? I am not against using the editor to cheat at all, but it obviously needs to be in game as I've already started playing.

I was thinking of having one company overspend for a few months until they are forced to close and just have that player quit the game and use the other player to buy the bankrupt company? 

Is that the best bet you guys think?

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2 hours ago, KingAj said:

From experience, use the editor have the money at minus 99999 (as far as whatever it lets you do), ensure the owner personality has open for their business, and it helps if you have a good company relationship. Cancel all shows and try make make sure they have no source of income where possible. Then 'leave game' sim 1 month or so and you should hopefully be able to take over.

It depends on how long the company exists on whether they'll be able to be sold. A company as old as CMLL for example would take way longer than a month in debt to be eligible to be sold, but a company like Aew that's been around for a hot second would be eligible to be bought far sooner.

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1 hour ago, s7eve_s said:

Also with regard to the level of debt, the company taking over would need to absorb the debt, so going to the maximum you can do might make it impossible to purchase

Not sure if it's the same in TEW2020, but in 2016, once they were eligible to be purchased you could use the in game editor to set their debt at a reasonable level so it doesn't bankrupt you. 

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Thats why I thought if I ran company two at a financial deficit for as long as I could it would help with those time restrictions. Does anyone know what happens if a company keeps losing money for a long time? Does the game eventually shut me down? Can I keep signing workers if Im out of money?

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