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Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling

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*NOTE*: This is a fictional diary using the game TEW2005 and is by no means a recollection of events that happened in real life, nor is it attempted at damaging the reputation of any real life persona mentioned in this diary. *NOTE*: This diary uses the DOTT scenario's database. All prior or post history to this scenario has been ignored with the purpose of allowing me, the player and writer, more flexibility with my choices and portrayal of characters,moves and events. It is by no means a direct representation, nor it attempts to emulate, what happened in the real wrestling world circa 1983. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling was perhaps the most respected and reknown territory in the NWA. The NWA World Title was basically controled by this promotion, with Jim Crockett having a big say on who was going to take the belt. With talent like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat, Jay Youngblood, Sgt Slaughter, Don Kernoodle, Great Kabuki and several other names, wrestling was exciting and portrayed as an actual sport, with entertainment elements thrown in for good measure. Roster: (by alphabetical order) Angelo Mosca: Midcard Heel Mosca is a big brawler, who sometimes competes in the ring. He was very popular in Florida and Canada, but not as much in other parts of the country. Angelo Mosca Jr: Lower Midcard Face The son of Angelo Mosca was being booked is being booked as a face by MACW in spite of his father's heel status. The idea is that he is trying to be all that his father was not for the fans, someone they could cheer. Limited potential, many dont see such a big future for him. Assasin #2: Lower Midcard Heel Hercules Hernandez is one of those big, muscular brutes who are quickly entering the sport. He dons the mask of Assasin #2, using the popularity of the original Assasin to get him over in spite of his limited skill and charisma. Bill and Randy Mulkey: Enhancement Talent, Faces The Mulkeys are two young kids with a small amount of potential and good selling skills who job to the stars. Maybe someday they will get a decent push. Bugsy McGraw: Lower Midcard Face Decent worker who has been a constant ally of Jimmy Valiant. Don Kernoodle: Midcard Heel One half of the tag team champions with Sgt Slaughter. He is a decent all arounder and can go with the best of them. George South: Enhancement Talent, Heel A heel jobber that could end up doing something good at some point. Greg Valentine: Upper Midcard Heel The United States Champion and a great worker. Hammer is one of MACW's top stars. Harley Race: Main Event Heel One of the world's top stars and former World Champion. Sworn enemy of Ric Flair. Ivan Koloff: Upper Midcard Heel Quickly becoming a main attraction. Very over and the future is bright for one third of the evil russians. Jack Briscoe(Main event face) and Jerry Briscoe(upper midcard face) A great tag team and excellent workers in their own right. Might get huge push! Jay Youngblood: Upper Midcard Face Very good worker and part of several solid tag teams. Jimmy Valiant: Midcard Face The boogie woogie man. Sort of a hippy character and very over. Mark Youngblood: Lower Midcard Face Decent worker who is related to Jay Youngblood. Has a decent potential. Nikita Koloff: Midcard Heel Another one of the Russians, Nikita has room to grow and become a main attraction. Solid worker. Paul Jones: A hated manager and sometimes wrestler. Heel Pvt. Jim Nelson: Midcard Heel Decent worker who is a Pvt to Slaughter's Sgt. Ric Flair: Main event face The NWA World Champion and top worker in the world. Ricky Steamboat: Upper Midcard Face One of the best workers in the world and one who might be NWA Champion in the future. Roddy Piper: Upper Midcard Face Another top worker, one of the best interviews in the business and unlimited potential. Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones: Lower Midcard Face Local legend who might get a better push. Sgt Slaughter: Upper Midcard Heel The other half of the tag team champions and one of the area's top attractions. The Assasin: Midcard Heel Jody Hamilton is getting quite over under the mask of The Assasin. The Great Kabuki: Midcard Heel One of the most unique and mysterious workers. Deserves to be pushed Wahoo McDaniel: Main Event Face One of the top attractions in the nation, a solid worker. My formal introduction: My name is Armando Rodriguez. I am a young kid with many ideas, who had some previous experience working for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. It was there, as a very vocal assistant booker, that I met Ric Flair, during one of his many trips, and impressed him enough for him to recommend me to Jimmy Crockett, which led to me being hired as head booker. The roster above was given to me by Jimmy Crockett with instructions of not making many changes until I have explored as many options as possible with the people above. Every week, I can expect a review of my performance and suggestions on what to do to make the product better.
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